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  1. Not closer to work, we realized it was easier to have him commute than me with all my health issues.
  2. A lull sounds lovely, doesn't it?
  3. Thought I would give a quick update. Things here are doing pretty good, actually! Alex is doing well with his job, he just got a small raise. His division did very well but not all divisions hit their goals so it was a bit smaller than prior years had been. It's his first raise since he started and we were excited to get it! Our budget is balanced, we are getting ready to move to a larger apartment and are selling out all that we can from the storage unit. Not that it's necessary, this apartent comes with lots of big closets and even a storage room... but why not downsize and make money
  4. SatinSky

    I'm moving

    I wish you lived near me, my ILs just downsized and have a futon and kitchen stuff to give away. I would have loved being able to help! I'm glad you are giving yourself a space that is your own, I actually think it is really important as you get used to this new phase of life to be able to establish yourself in your own place.
  5. I did not pass the test to do the second job from home. There is another project on that site that would only allow an hour a day of work, it would still be an extra $200-300 a month and is worth it to try. My friend said it was easier, probably more suited to my frazzled and tired brain at the end of the day. So, we keep trucking. I was so happy to send that snowball payment, I will have to update numbers soon. For now, breakfast... I'm starving and need to start my day!
  6. I'm dealing with a lot of health stuff right now. I HAVE to have gluten to find out if what is going on with my body is also Celiac. It isn't just a question of whether not eating it made me feel better but the doctors and I need to know what is really happening to me so I might actually start healing properly. So, I've got headaches and awful dry skin again... my stomach hurts every day again as well but luckily that side effect hasn't been as harsh as I thought it would because the lactose free dairy is helping. Because of all of this, I work VERY hard to make sure that my class is ru
  7. I tried making mozzarella once, it was not super successful. Haha! I already had a fairly new bag each of vegan cheddar and mozzarella, some goat cheese and sheep's feta when they said to try adding in lactose free dairy. I will just use that up first. I just really miss cheese, I wasn't really missing gluten. I had a shake for dinner made with Lactaid just now. It was so much creamier than the almond milk makes it! Delicious!
  8. I actually have both in the house! They're just saltier than others but I love them!
  9. I grabbed a package of Flinstones Complete at Publix and it was $7 for two months worth. Not too bad! My stomach hurt today... I think I will be less excited about gluten and much more careful from now until the test.
  10. Thanks! I was quite happy to have a big bowl of pasta with shrimp, mushrooms, olive oil and parmesan cheese just now. Accoring to the nutritionist I should be able to have parmesan because it is virtually lactose free and since you use so little of it there is little effect. so far no issues... I'm pretty excited to get some yummy food in me!
  11. So far it has done exactly opposite of what I expected. But that is ok, I will see how the days play out. Hoping to either be told I an continue to eat gluten because it isn't doing anything to me or that I have celia and get an answer.
  12. So, now that I've been gluten free for several months, it is time to eat gluten again! I went to Vanderbilt University today and met with the team that will be taking care of me at the IBD Center. The GI will be doing another colonosopy with an endoscopy right before Thanksgiving, she needs to see if the gluten has an effect on me so I have to eat it again. I'm munching on REAL pretzels right now! The kind that cost $2 for a big bag, not $4 for a tiny bag. They're stale and delicious to me! They also told me to try Lactaid milk or a low or no lactose cheese. She suspects I am severely l
  13. All test results were normal! I'm so relieved! Now we can work on her belly aches with Miralax and probably a trip to a pediatric allergist to check for food allergies. At least so far there is no evidence of IBD or celiac!
  14. I have never felt worse as a parent than I did today having to hold Hope down for blood work. Why did it make me feel so guilty? She's being checked for inflammation markers in her blood as well as Celiac. I don't know how to handle my baby being sick like I am. I hear from so many people with IBD that they chose not to have biological children for fear of passing it on. I wasn't diagnosed when I had Naomi but with the twins it was so well controlled I didn't worry about things like that. I am so worried my little Hope is headed towards a life of medicine, constant belly aches, dietary res
  15. I know, you all said to stop taking them. My coworker said she had another box of uniform clothes, since Naomi stained so much of her stuff I went ahead and took it. The last box of clothes much of it went to donate, I took some clothing for the girls and a good amount of uniform clothes. Then, I sold most of the uniform clothes that were the wrong style for our school. I only had to do 5 minutes of extra work to sell it and my sweet coworker had car trouble this week so I was happy to surprise her with $20 from selling the extra pieces today. The bag she gave me had more stuff for Naomi f
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