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  1. I wish I had some magic wand for these situations, at least to knock some good sense into our exes, but it just doesn't happen. I have complete empathy for you though. I deal with this daily with my ex and his refusal to provide anything for our kids financially. But, at the end of the day, like you say - it's the kids that suffer or are affected if things are withheld. And that's just not acceptable. So, I (like you) continue to pay and will continue to pay for my kids. I know it, and I accept it, but it's just so frustrating. I'm really sorry you're dealing with it. Vent away. It
  2. I'm so sorry! I remember when my ex-husband was diagnosed with Type II DM. It was definitely a lot of new things to adjust to at once. It'll get easier, and less scary, and less stressful as you go on.
  3. MeredithRX

    Court Update

    Not to mention, not to sound callous, but most people don't take 30 days out of town consecutively for a death in the family.... I'm glad you got a date settled. Fingers crossed!
  4. MeredithRX

    More Prayers :(

    I'm so sorry to hear this! I think it's hard for those of us who aren't dealing with PTSD on a daily basis to understand what a huge problem this really is! I'm praying for his family and for your DH.
  5. MeredithRX

    The first week jinx

    That's so scary! I'm so thankful that you are all ok!
  6. I agree! That is next on my list to do for my book. I have all pertinent papers together in a fire box, but I need to organize them better. Right now my box filing leaves a lot to be desired.
  7. I feel officially grown up. I finally quit procrastinating and got my will printed, signed, and notarized. I never did this when I was married or when I started having kids. Now, all of a sudden, I felt like I really needed to finally follow through. So, there we are. Copies are made and I need to put the original away. I can't believe that took me 15 years...
  8. MeredithRX

    2015 wrap up

    Can't wait to hear your goals for next year! (There's a huge sale tomorrow only on Rock N Roll races... In case you already had 2016 race goals in the works and there is something you were interested in. )
  9. Looks great! I'm too chicken so far to repaint my cabinets, but I'm getting closer and closer to jumping in. *laugh* Great job!
  10. Well, the majority of the problem is that my ex didn't work, so my income married was the same as my income as head of household. I was in a lower tax bracket married with my income than I am HOH with that same income. Additionally, I didn't have ex's medical expenses to use as deductions. I am only allowed to claim 2 of my 3 children as dependents per the divorce settlement (he wanted one so he could be HOH too). But I make too much to get a credit for them anyway. My childcare expenses were all over the place last year. There were no reportable expenses (different caregivers, all un
  11. I may end up doing that. I do have the 2015 Program already. I was fooling around with it last night but every other screen still says it's not ready.
  12. OK, I am going to admit, I am irrationally nervous about doing taxes this year. In past years, I never had a problem with it. I plugged in the numbers and always ALWAYS ended up with somewhat of a refund. Even years where I was aiming to break even. Things were good. Then I got divorced. And last year, for the first time, I owed. And I owed big. And there really weren't significant changes besides going from Married to Head of Household. I was devastated and it wiped out my savings. This year, I'm nervous because I really don't have a good idea of what to expect. Things are so
  13. I bit the bullet and texted my contact today accepting the new side-job. I'm still on the fence about whether it will be more hassle than anything else, but my gut was telling me that I needed to get in the door before someone else took my spot. *laugh* So, I guess we'll see! It's a little out of my comfort zone because I'm not really familiar with what I'm supposed to be doing, but after a month or two that'll be a non-issue, right? Wish me luck. They're supposed to be emailing me payroll information today.
  14. No, there are no consequences. I checked it out thoroughly before hitting "pause". They are my loans but the remaining balance is low. Everything is paid up on the loans until Jan 2018 I believe, so there are few repercussions for waiting until then to restart. But, obviously the intention is to start it back up ASAP. Since the balance is low now they are in the BS2 line-up. I'll restart them and hit them hard when I get there.
  15. You are exactly right. Honestly, I'm so stupid to have never done this before. They are able-bodied, want to earn spending money, and willing to learn. I feel like an idiot not seriously considering this before. With the custody and the drama in their lives the last two years, I just didn't think it through, but this is exactly what I need to try. Allie, yes, it is for dialysis clinics. *laugh*
  16. OK, the drowning continues... Thousands of dollars in medical bills just do not mesh well with divorce-acquired debt. I truly feel like I'm drowning because I don't have a snowball. But, we're working on that. Since yesterday I have - Changed my cell phone plan - $30 a month to snowball Changed my auto insurance policies - $20 per 6-month period to snowball Cancelled some subscription "wants" - $14 a month to snowball Temporarily suspended Auto-Draft for Student Loan (I was paid ahead until 2018) - $140 a month to snowball I have stopped Vacation and Christmas sinking fund c
  17. I'm so very sorry. As someone who had to go through mediation (it's required in my state) and a year-long waiting period where my court dates were continually postponed for various reasons, I completely understand your frustration and the helplessness you feel because it seems like you can't move on or control things until everything is settled. I totally understand. I will give you this little bit of advice though - and I learned it the hard way. I don't know what his numbers will show. It may not end up being worth your while or it may. But, think very carefully about giving in just to
  18. OK, I've spent the afternoon allocating and planning and paying off things. I feel good about some, a little intimidated by others, but I've got to get myself back into a moving forward position instead of this treading water slightly-backward movement. So, today I paid the air conditioner repair, the pool motor repair, two dentist bills, a doctor bill, a pediatrician bill, and paid some toward two credit cards. After some deposits are made that I'm waiting on, I may be able to apply a little more. $1863.00 paid today (thank goodness for 5 paycheck months when you budget based on 4 paychec
  19. Sound about right! And, hey, wasn't that future date last month sometime??
  20. Yep! Dual Capacitor. $168. Much, much better...
  21. He knew she was the babysitter. But, yes, maybe he said something different. We can hope! I would also hope, now that we've posted about this a little, that a compressor couldn't be removed and a new one installed in 15 minutes. *laugh* I'll call them and see...
  22. Nope. No bill. In fact, I was at work and he was at my house no more than 20 minutes. He told the babysitter he just had to replace the compressor. Perhaps she misunderstood. Let's hope. With 110 degree temps every day, though, it wasn't negotiable with the kids at home. I assumed I'd get the bill ASAP, but if I don't have it today, I'll call them tomorrow.
  23. Well, I just have to laugh. So, this week, I've had to replace both the compressor in my central air HVAC unit and the motor on my swimming pool pump. One, I thought I could handle without a nervous breakdown. Two, well.... *laugh* The pool parts and labor were right around $500. I haven't seen a bill for the A/C yet, but I'm expecting a similar outcome there. Just when I thought I"d get ahead! At least it's a 5-paycheck month! *laugh*
  24. I'm sorry it's so difficult! I had the same problem with other doctors. I think it's odd that it's so hard to get a doctor or a contractor to call you back when you WANT to give them your business! *laugh* I hope everything goes well with him being served. I was a nervous wreck last year when I went though that same thing. But, it was a relief at the same time. I hope everything settles down for you.
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