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  1. Starting completely over yet again!

  2. My hubby's a big baby when he's sick, too. They always seem to be looking for a "poor baby." Nope. Not happenin, dude.
  3. MoonBaby

    Baby Jacob

    aw yay! so happy for you!
  4. I'm in BS3, baby!!!

  5. Starting over for the millionth time.

  6. Finally in BS2! Gonna finish it this time!

  7. Time to get serious!

  8. MoonBaby

    Getting out there

    I'm so proud of you!!! I hope everything goes great, but if it doesn't, don't let it get you down. Just keep trying Hoping you find a group you love.
  9. Workin the plan and plannin the work!

  10. I absolutely love the name Gabriel. If you really like Quinn and are worried about it sounding feminine (personallly I don't think it does ), have you considered Quinton?
  11. I agree, if anyone can do it, yall can! Your first crazy challenge was so motivating, I can't wait to follow along on this one!
  12. BEF by 8/12 or bust!!!

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