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  1. texasred

    Happy New Year

    I have followed your journey since the beginning and am totally impressed.
  2. texasred

    Hurricane Hermine

    Well, I'm just glad everyone is safe.
  3. I haven't been tracking but not spending on anything that wasn't necessary. That's an eye opener.
  4. Time to get my inventory up and running
  5. Yikes! Since I am Celiac, i understand why you are doing this. Good luck.
  6. I need to do the same. I was doing well then got off track.
  7. So sorry but I am no t surprised. When you have one auto immune, you are bound to have another.
  8. texasred

    I'm Back!

    And I'm glad your are. You've been through so much but you are strong and have all of us.
  9. Hugs to you. You two have had a rough haul but I hope things will get better for you soon. I'm glad May is over.
  10. I end up bringing my own. Having Celiac makes me very nervous.
  11. texasred

    So Flippin Sick

    So sorry to hear you are struggling. DD has had issues too. Thinking of everyone.
  12. Yep! You need to stay on top of things. Yesterday, I ordered vision care for DH and I. Transferred money from checking to savings to start tooth crown fund. Planned menu with freezer finds.
  13. You are such a great inspiration. Keep up the great work. There are others who would throw their hands up in the air.
  14. I understand some of this. I have a tough time getting rid of socks. I just keep wearing them. Part of me wants to rid of the old ones but then i hate to part with them.
  15. Just started reading your blog. Great to hear your positive attitude
  16. I think it's great. Social Security can have some pretty weird stipulations. For instance, TX teachers, because they personally pay into SS can not receive their husbands SS benefits. However, if a woman never worked or doesn't work they will still receive their DH's benefits. That is something I don't get.
  17. texasred

    Budget update

    I have to think of my DD and friends in upstate NY. I feel greatful.
  18. texasred

    Budget update

    That's why we call it North TX.
  19. texasred

    Budget update

    February looks good. We did well with food and eating out even with having house guests. My tooth implant bill is just about covered. We are anticipating an ice storm Monday so I just need to get milk. Thanks Dorothy.
  20. Have friends traveling to Knoxville today. Hope they are ok.
  21. Sara, just do one thing at a time. You DH as to start his job and reduce that stress level.
  22. You're my inspiration. Keep up the good work.
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