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  1. reddoor

    D O N E ! !

    What a blessing you are to her!
  2. Glad to hear things are going well, still praying here for you!
  3. reddoor

    She is here!

    Wonderful news, all the best to you!
  4. Good luck on the search, praying for great hinge to open up for you!
  5. reddoor

    It's a......

    Everything looks perfect and right on track! Praise be!
  6. reddoor

    It's a......

    boy for Astrid and Nathanial! They had the ultra sound this afternoon! It is just so exciting! Just popping in quickly to share, I am supposed to be getting ready for women's group! But I am so thrilled for them! Couldn't wait!
  7. I hope april brings some much needed peace with it. I am a big fan of the bite at a time idea, otherwise i get overwhelmed and doubt filled!
  8. reddoor

    Springs renewal

    Now reading it back I have made the winter seem awful. There were some perks to the cold, we used the sleighs nearly every day, Amy's ice rink stayed frozen, my cold feller was a perfect temp, and I bet we will have less weeds this year. Also, I feel greatly lead in the timing of the library. It has got more use then we ever projected and it has won over nearly all our Church members! Everyone was reading! One young boy said to Matt he wasn't cold a bit, he was reading about the Sahara desert and it animals. So it warmed him up. It was adorable!
  9. reddoor

    Springs renewal

    nathanials dad, did know about the baby. He was very excited for them. I was quite pleased with the timing of it for his sake I think it gave him so much joy to know that nathanial would be a father . the uncles are very well, they have purchased a van for themselves, they are no longer content just to drive our vehicles. So they are very thrilled about it. They love the freedom of being able to come and go. They are busier then any of us. They are taking a pottery class now, a friend from the market has a studio. So they are taking lessons there. They are always on to something new, it keeps them young I think. Amy will be six in May. She is growing very quickly. But she is an excellent help and doting big sister. Her quiet nature is a blessing. But she has just a tiny streak of stubborn in her. I believe it will serve her well. She orders dvd's, books about trick riding from the public. Library. And then half I think she just makes up. Loves to ride bare back, backwards, off the side, over the fence, jumps around barrels. You name it. That girl will try it! Horse crazy! We pray we can harness his energy, I have never seen such a busy and willful child! He is so so stubborn! Must get it from Matt lol! Houdini gave us a scare a couple weeks back, he has learned to lift his peg to his pen. He got out at some point during morning choring without Matt or Jakob seeing him. He is oddly stealthily for such a large creature. Anyhow, the weather here has been hard. Just bitter cold temps. It was down round minus 29 that day and when Jakob saw him he was in rough shape against the barn. We got him in and warmed ......warmed up old blankets and such in the dryer. Gives whole new meaning to pig. In a blanket! But he is missing part of the right ear and a bit off the tail. Luckily nathanial kept a close watch on him for me. I was crying......over a pig! Hard winter for so many folks this year, I lost chickens, many folks did,and even a few lost goats. We had a lot of frozen pipes and elderly folks that had to be bunked in with younger folks to care for them. And the flus, so many running round . Just so cold. It never seemed to ease this winter. I am stunned that young couple in the bunkie lasted the winter, they say it has been just fine, but I can not imagine how! Everyone is hitting the stubby end of wood piles now. But we are to the tail of it now, I am excited to see the inside of my greenhouse everyday. I an ready for a steady increase in fresh fruits and veggies soon. Canned is a blessing to have, but I long for a crunchy cucumber. But we are all well fed, and the congregation as whole made it though with gods grace. I do confess that if it be his will, I pray for a bumper harvest for folks to pull ahead some. Cakes and cupcakes are our biggest seller lately, they kept march of our market sales strong this winter. I have easily done 15 Lego birthday cakes!'they are very popular. And I can make an assortment of frozen characters in record time!
  10. reddoor

    Time rolls on...

    I really enjoy your updates! Hope you get feeling better soon
  11. reddoor

    Springs renewal

    Hello all! I pray everyone is doing well and turning a ready face to spring! I haven't been on in so very long. It has been a very challenging season of life here. Nathanial's father had a stroke at the end of January, we were caring for him through most of February. He was recalled to our heavenly fathers waiting arms on March 17. Nathanial is struggling, as the shock begins to fade the grief is creeping in. It is a terrible loss. Not only to his family but our community as a whole he was a gifted and wonderful church leader as well. We are praying for Nathanial, he is bearing up very well, but it is hard and he is deeply hurting. He is so busy with school, that at least it keeps his mind off it all. But I worry for him. On to our blessings, Baby Leah is so sweet natured, calm quiet and serene. A dream baby, and so much like Amy was! Amy is doing well, Matt caught her trick riding on her horse again last week. She had both feet in one stirrup standing on the side of her horse at top speed. He was torn between terror and pride, she is a talent at it but, goodness me, just sit in the saddle already! Other then the thrill of the horse she is maturing into a lovely girl. Growing up so quickly already. Nate......well lord guide us with Nate. If there is trouble, he looks till he finds it! He is still to eat or sleep. We are into the start of planting in the greenhouses, I like seedling time. Quiet and feels like a fresh beginning all over again. And our most exciting news, ....drum roll please.... astrid and nathanial are expecting! She is due sept 15. They are just over the moon excited! And it is such a blessing for nathanial to have his first baby to look forward too. She feels wonderfully. Is glowing and sewing as the ladies here say! We are over the moon excited for them, married a year, house paid off, emergency fund in the bank, nathanial on the deans list doing well, Astrid enjoying her work at the library and now starting her family! They are so very blessed together!
  12. reddoor

    I got it!

    Wonderful news, good luck on Tuesday!
  13. Once it is settled, and a path opens up for you all I feel it might be more peaceful for your family. Home is where you are, especially with a secure future coming along with it. I can see how this would be emotional. I am praying it all falls into place for you.
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