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  1. So glad you dont have to give up your cruise!
  2. A wardsman would be what you call an orderly I think. Main duties include patient transportation, assisting with bathing patients, cleaning (mostly bodily fluids), that kind of thing. However working on Saturday nights he mostly functions as a security guard to be honest, mostly in emergency but also on the psych ward. The base pay is about what he was making before, but shift differential for being overnight and on a weekend makes it rather hefty. Its definitely not a job he enjoys doing, but its a big blessing right now and its certainly not boring. I hope he can stick it out til he'
  3. My last post was focused more on being out of BS2 and since I've not been around here much since February or so, I thought I would give a more I'm depth update of how we're doing here. Jeff started his course in early February and the work contracts I was hopeful about ended up falling through. He got very little work on his non-school days but it was just enough that we were still managing to make ends meet. In June he finished his first course and had a three week break from school during which he had hoped to get a nice chunk of work as he had been letting them know he would be avail
  4. That's very true thanks for the reminder safari.
  5. I can't believe I can finally say it! Its been a long bumpy road, but we persevered and finally came out the other side. It was about 4 years ago that I found Dave and our TMMO jorney began, but some time before that, maybe a year or so, we had already started taking steps to get out of debt on our own and had paid off a couple thousand dollars. I dont know what our total debt payoff was as we didn't record things well initiay, but it was somewhere in the vicinity of $25000. In the last 5 years (it only took us the first year of our marriage to set us back so badly wow I've only just r
  6. NDH

    A day in the life.

    I know many homeschooling families where the older kids who did mostly self study were done by 9:30 am (got up and started at 7). One of them went to university at 16. Regular school has a lot of filler.
  7. I think doing a reception is a great idea. Hopefully it will be enough to appease your mother's "need" without pushing you beyond your comfort limits. A great way for family and friends to get together and celebrate your wedding after the fact. I've never been into the multiple ceremonies thing either. Might consider renewing vows on a milestone anniversary or something (NOT a big 'do though) Anyway I hope you can come to an understandingwith your mom.
  8. Things are looking up. With the new contract at Jeff's work its looking like he'll have a good chunk of work in February. In any typical month if he can work 95 hours our normal budget can be met and the rest is our snowball. And we can do it on a bit less for a couple months if necessary as a couple of our sinking funds are at their cap. Jeff's final paycheque in December had $1300 more than we needed for January as a buffer to help towards February as we didn't expect him to work at all in January. Well, between the days he did end up working and my income, we managed to pay for Jeff
  9. Well now there's a chance that dh won't make it to his first week of classes. Talk about timing lol. Tuesday he had a two hour meeting at work (MaW, he's still yet to have work through WoT, the new place he was supposed to start with in December). The jist I got is there's a new big work contract for a project that will be running 24/7 for a while (whether its 2 weeks or a few months though I have no idea) so there should be a good amount of work for a while anyway. Oddly, instead of doing three 8 hour shifts round the clock theyre doing a 12 hour night shift and two 7 hour day shifts
  10. NDH

    Daydreaming.... again

    Sounds like a dream to me too!
  11. Its official, Jeff is going back to school starting next Monday. He didn't finish his high school even so its been a while. I've been encouraging him to study something since we got married, rather than relying on unskilled labour jobs, so I'm happy he's finally taking action. He had an assessment on Thursday to determine which level to place him at, and there was a small gap in his knowledge in one area that placed him a level below where we thought he'd be, so its going to be a semester longer than we had planned on (which may end up being a year longer in the end if he can only start
  12. NDH

    sooo sad

    This is such devastating news to read, especially after you tried for so long too I'm so sorry for your loss and I pray that your job isn't at risk on top of this bad news
  13. NDH


    Youre going to get crazy momentum quickly! Well done getting the BEF filled, I can't wait to see you start knocking out those payments now.
  14. NDH

    It's been a crazy two years.

    Congratulations on your new baby. I must not have been around when the other stuff was happening but I'm very sorry to read about the tragic losses in your family in the past couple of years. Im glad you've come through such a hard time with your marriage intact and two new blessings.
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