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  1. Romans8x28

    Quick Update :)

    Congratulations! Sounds like you made the best decision for your family! Have you checked out the HSLDA website to learn homeschooling laws in your state? Box curriculums save my sanity and the company we use is WAY less than $800 a kid! I completely understand not wanting to buy a year for only a few months, though. And free is always good if it is working for you!
  2. Romans8x28

    Just keep swimming :)

    can't wait to see pictures of the finished nightgowns!! so neat!
  3. Congratulations!! I hope this is the first step in gaining back his confidence and your family making some traction in order for him to find the perfect job!
  4. We live in a helmet law state and this summer within I think a week, there were two husband/wife accidents locally. One killed them both (the kids in the family were "his" and "hers" but they were both the primary custodial parents) and the other nearly killed them.
  5. The tax program we use releases their preview at the beginning of October, and I always love to get things entered in. It also helps us know if we need to up our "job expenses" since DH is self-employed.
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