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  1. Sounds like a great, productive weekend! Hope things continue to go this well next week, too!
  2. It is always so nice to see an update! Will you do something special in the February baskets for Valentines Day?
  3. Debbie

    Christmas hampers

    How did the baskets turn out? Have they been distributed yet?
  4. You are doing great!!!?
  5. It is always so much fun to get an update from you. You guys always have so much happening. The Chrismas hampers will be such a great surprise for the families in your community and such a blessing. Your posts always modivate me to do more (unfortunately the feeling only last for a day or so...). Wish I had half your energy!
  6. Debbie

    Christmas hampers

    I remember last year I think that you went to a big sale and got lots of your baking supplies (enough for a year I thought) = has that happened yet this year? Will it happen before the baskets need to be ready? Your community is so great about helping each other ~
  7. Debbie

    Praise be!

    Wow...you guys are such an inspiration! I have to admit that every time I visit the site I look to see if you have updated your signature. I am so glad that you have met your goal with a week to spare! It has been such a great month for your family...a new baby and reaching your financial goals! Please continue to post frequently...I love to follow your progress with the family, the community and the financial stuff (the family stuff is more fun, though!). You have helped change so many lives both in your community and on this board...
  8. Congratulations! I am so happy for Amy...first she got her big sisters now she is getting a little sister. Glad things are working out her way!
  9. I use snack size zip-lock style plastic bags for my "envelopes". The dollar bills fit in perfectly and the coins do not fall out ~
  10. Glad it was their error and all will be fixed. Wish we still had flex spending accounts
  11. Debbie


    Well, it was a long hot expensive summer! I successfully cash flowed the fall tuition bills and the books, too. Our senior in high school is taking one class at the junior college and my husband is taking a class, too - somehow we got it done for all of them, though. We got an unexpected small windfall and that is the only reason we are still on track. Not making any progress with the car loan (except the normal monthly payment) but the savings goals for the next semester tuition/books and the trip are going ok (I am a few hundred behind at this point but all things considered that is not too far off). I thought that once we got this trip funded that we would be in better shape - however at a family event with my inlaws this summer I was reminded the the year after my parents anniversary is my inlaws 50th and so I will need to start saving for that one right after I finish the one I am doing now (also the same year that my inlaws have their 50th, we have our 25th, I turn 50 and so does my husband...that will be a busy year full of celebration!). When I think about all of it I feel so overwhelmed...I am trying to focus on one month, one week, one day at a time. Thanks so much for all of the support you guys offer - so good to know that I am not alone...
  12. Debbie


    We have so many financial balls in the air right now - one more debt in BS2 - large car loan. We have 2 kids in college and another starting fall 2012. We are currently cash flowing college for both kids which is making it very difficult to make any progress on BS2 - the car loan is a 0 percent so that is the one positive on the loan. My parents are celebrating their 50th Anniversary next summer and we are taking a family trip to celebrate. Each family (me and my sisters) are paying their own way (travel, and portion of house/food/etc, and any entertainment when we get there) and we have a budget set up for the trip. We have a large family (5 kids) so this is going to be an expensive trip for us but a once in a lifetime thing for my parents so we are definitely going to make it work. I hope to use this blog to keep myself modivated - have been working at this for a couple of months so far and it has been going good but I am loosing my committment and need to kick myself in the pants to get going again...
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