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  1. That's so funny about not getting attached to fish. We have a tiny outside pond (30 gallons) that was getting mosquitos, so I picked up 5 tiny feeder goldfish. The total cost of them was just over $1. Anyways when winter came my DH HAD to bring them inside so we got a little tank for them. Then he was sad the next spring when they went outside again, he is so rediculously attached to those fish! We've had them close to 4 years now, and they are fully indoors because he missed them...And we had to get new ones for outside :rolleyes:



    Well, maybe there's hope then. I asked my DH at lunch when we were getting the fish. He had already forgotten about the deal he made with DD. I'm holding him to it though. Maybe she (and I) will get attached to the fish!

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