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  1. Looking forward to seeing your journey. This is a great place to be encouraged and also receive guidance when needed!
  2. mortazaar

    three bags full

    I need to do this desperately. Looks like my weekend plans just got added to. LOL
  3. mortazaar

    Puppy Fever

    Well, maybe there's hope then. I asked my DH at lunch when we were getting the fish. He had already forgotten about the deal he made with DD. I'm holding him to it though. Maybe she (and I) will get attached to the fish!
  4. I hope everyone had a great 4th of July weekend! We enjoyed the day with some friends in the country. Which was great for my DD, but it was incredibly hot. Then we had another weekend in the country for DH's family reunion this past Saturday. It was really nice, hot again, but nice. It was on a farm with cows, chickens, a horse, and the most adorable yellow lab puppies. The puppies were the big hit of the reunion. DD and all her cousins were cuddling up to the eight puppies all day. And of course, DD was very disappointed that she could not keep one. She even had it named already. Ge
  5. Hi, Cletc! I'm with you. I think my ultimate job would be Retiree. Scratch that. Make it Independently Wealthy Retiree! Let me know if you see any openings in that field.
  6. Thanks, Zaga. I'll have to look into that. Forensic accounting sounds very interesting!
  7. My DH has been struggling over the last several years to find a good company to work for that he fits in and pays him commiserate with his job performance. He's in IT and had worked for one company for nearly ten years and left because there was no chance of further career development. Unfortunately, when he left he found out just how difficult it is to find someplace to work that actually appreciates you and can afford to show it monetarily. So that last place he worked he really liked his co-workers, but he had not been granted a pay raise in the 3 1/2 years that he was there. He had
  8. DH and I have both had career changes over the years. He went from retail management to state clerk to IT whiz. My changes were not quite as drastic (apartment manager to accounting clerk to small business bookkeeper). I have now past the magical milestone of "40" and am looking at my life wondering do I really want to do this for another 25 years? It's not that I don't like my job. I do like the work at the company I am with currently. But its a small business with a single owner who is looking to retire in the next 5 years. He has no children interested in running the company and only
  9. Okay, I don't write blogs. I just don't like to put my thoughts down permanent like. But here goes nothin'. Maybe this will kick my rear into high gear. I have been trying to follow Dave's plan for around three years now. I have made it to BS4 only to willingly step back to BS2. (stupid, stupid, stupid.) We are now back in BS3 but have been for nearly a year and we have gotten nowhere real fast. In case you are wondering, "we" includes myself, my DH, my DD(8), and two elderly and ailing cats. Some of our setbacks have been caused by medical expenses for DH and the cats. But, those
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