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  1. That sucks! I'm sorry Hopefully the judge will keep this in mind when s/he makes their final ruling if there are any "gray" areas. Hugs!
  2. TwinMom

    We got a van!

    Great news! Keep up the momentum You are almost there!
  3. Please know that what I'm going to say is said in love. I think you are overthinking things. You are getting stuck on your own thoughts and it's causing you to freeze instead of get into motion. You need to leave now. Stop thinking about what your mother will say about you because she's going to say what she's going to say and the only thing you can do about it is change how you react to it. She's giving you a guilt trip because in the past it has worked. The guilt trips are going to get worse until she realizes they aren't working anymore so you need to stop responding to them. Honestly if I were you, I'd pack up MY car and get out, if not tonight, tomorrow. I would go to an inexpensive hotel for a short time if I had to until I found a place to live. I'd change my cell number and be VERY careful about who I gave it to. If my mother and/or sisters got the number, I'd change it again. You need to move on for your health, sanity and most importantly your son.
  4. I hope you feel better soon! As for the vitamins, yes there are generic Flintstones Complete vitamins at Target and Walmart so I'm sure most larger pharmacies would have them too. My boys take the Flintstones Immunity Support vitamins (one of my boys gets sick often which we just found out is due to allergies to most things with fur) but I haven't found a generic for those.
  5. I'm going shopping in your freezer next week LOL! For the rabbit, I was thinking rabbit stew. You can hide a lot of "not very good" in stew gravy. I wish I had a recipe to share but I've never had rabbit.
  6. TwinMom

    Well Crap

    That stinks! I'm sorry
  7. I'm sorry. I agree, it's annoying. Happens at our house all school year long. Sometimes it makes me want to homeschool but then I remember that I would be terrible at it (I admire people who homeschool well).
  8. Jealous! I haven't gotten anything from my outside garden yet It was a cold spring so I didn't start planting outside until June 7th. My tomato plants have tons of green tomatoes on them though and I'm watching three cucumbers so I should be harvesting soon!
  9. Some ideas I had for staging at minimal expense: Beds ~ Air mattresses propped up on boxes and made with a long bedspreads/quilts so they look like real beds. I would include a sign on top saying "please stay off bed" just in case people don't notice it's not a real bed. Dining table ~ A folding table with a table cloth and folding chairs. Maybe friends/family in the area can spare a few armed dining chairs that you can use in a sitting room. Most people have more dining chairs then they need on a daily basis. Sometimes patio furniture (like wicker) can be used as living room furniture. Just be careful with anything metal; rust can stain floors. Any pieces around your house that you can spare? Like side tables, end tables, etc? Maybe have the kids sit on the floor for awhile and move your couch back to the house? I know empty houses sell all the time but as someone who bought an empty house less than two years ago, staging would have really helped me with the scale of the house. The rooms in my house looked much smaller empty. That could work against you when buyers are comparing similar houses. Even if the square footage is exactly the same, if the house appears smaller, buyers will think it's smaller. I think that's why my house sat on the market for so long. It worked out well for me as I got the house for a deal but it didn't work out so well for the sellers. Good luck
  10. TwinMom


    I want to cuddle with him! He's so adorable!
  11. I think it looks great and very clean. I love the sun room. One good thing about buying an empty house is you see everything. Furnishings can cover up a lot of flaws. Unfortunately a lot of first time buyers don't realize this and only go by what they can see. The right buyer will come along and scoop it up I know the unknowns are tough though!
  12. I was going to mention that it's probably because the house is empty. Our house was empty when we bought it and I thought the rooms were smaller than they actually are. I knew the square footage so I knew the house was larger than anything else we had looked at but without the furniture it just didn't seem that way. Boy was I surprised when we started moving in our small furniture and throw rugs! This first showing the people didn't like the white walls but the next ones could love the white walls. I know I would. White would be so much better than the "Elmo red" bathroom we had to paint when we moved in. That room glowed when we turned on the heat lamp! Good luck with your next showing!
  13. I'm sorry about the scheduling headaches at your work! I did the schedule for a small coffee place years ago. We were only one person on at a time, only open about 12 hours a day (fewer on Sunday) and scheduling was a nightmare. I can't imagine a 24 hour animal hospital! I hope you enjoy your garden I love gardening even though I'm not that good at it.
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