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  1. It's a thing. A huge thing especially in NJ.We appear to be about to be hit with it. Sorry for the hijack! Glad you're taking care of yourself!
  2. I threw them all away. I found it to be draining even having them in the house.
  3. RN2011

    being a homebody.

    Your babies sound like mine! Little chunk is over 16 pounds now at 3 months. I do have an infant seat. I think most of them hold up to about 26 pounds now, though.
  4. RN2011


    Wow! Awesome news!
  5. RN2011

    She is here!

    I know I haven't said much lately but am always here reading. Pregnancy makes me very grouchy. lol Paisley Samantha arrived June 6th. 8 lbs, 6 oz. She is just perfect. I am just exhausted!
  6. I have the exact same asbestos problem you have except that I do have a new boiler. It's the old, unused one sitting there wrapped. Keep us posted; I am anxious to see how it goes for you!
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