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  1. It's so exciting when savings is going up and debt is going down! congrats!
  2. So sorry you are going through this. Prayers for strength & that the house sells quickly.
  3. If you lost shingles during a storm, I would check with your insurance. We knew we needed a new roof a few years ago. When the roofer came for the estimate, he said we had storm damage & dealt with our insurance. We only paid our deductible.
  4. My stepkids are finally making comments about their mom not working, not doing things around the house, not being there, going on vacation all the time, being lazy, etc. We just nod & try not to jump up & down and say "finally! you see what we've been seeing".
  5. BTDT So thankful all payments made directly to DH's ex are over. We pay the kids directly. We are helping DSD2 with living expenses while in grad school - Mom is giving her an interest free loan. We pay 50% of DSSs expenses. We were court ordered to pay 60% of the girls' costs. She didn't want DSS in that case, she was holding out for more money. In between they declared it unconstitutional to require divorced parents to pay for college. She is paying DSS 40%. He is making up the 10%. I would just pay the 60%. It's not fair to DSS. DH won't pay more than 50%. She has raked him over the coals for more money for years. She has a masters degree, but says it's too stressful to work. I'm just very thankful she got married so the lifetime alimony ended! Before she married, she would have her hair colored, nails done, nice clothes, vacations without the kids, etc. The kids wore clothes with holes worn through them, shoes falling apart. They looked like little homeless kids. We were paying her $2750 a month & she would have them call DH & ask if he would pay 1/2 of church camp, ball registration, etc. When he said no, she would tell them they couldn't participate because DH wouldn't pay his 1/2 (which he didn't pay because it's included in CS). To this day, she is furious that we got the tax credits for the kids (since she had no income).
  6. Our beach place is ok. Around the house & roads, you can't tell there was a storm. The beach took a beating & the dunes suffered. Beach restoration was already scheduled to begin next spring.
  7. Bless you for being there for those kids!
  8. We went with Quartz instead of granite because of the maintenance required, the heat sensitivity & the bacteria growth if not maintained properly. The price varied a good bit between one seller & the next (exact same brand & color). We used http://www.cambriausa.com/Designs/design-palette/ (our color is Canterbury). We just did all this in the fall. DH actually left a towel too close to the burner this week. By the time he smelled it & got back to the kitchen, it was in 6 inch flames. No damage to the counter top. We have hardwood in our kitchen & it is much easier on drops & on my back than tile flooring (my mom has tile & it KILLS my back). Looking forward to pictures!
  9. It's all personal finance & only you & your DH can make the decisions. You have one of the tightest, most awesome grocery spending budges I've ever seen. I feed less people & probably spend more on worse food. I am one of the ones who said pile up cash in an effort to be prepared for a low offer. I would much rather get out from under the tens of thousands looming from the house than pay off a small CC. Again... that is me. I think the frustration from other board members comes from the "we've been here forever" posts. Yes, you have, but you were also cautioned against buying a house before the other sold. You were convinced it would sell in weeks. However, you were not willing to wait the few weeks to join DH. We all make our choices. We all have to live with them... good or bad. When we put them on a financial board, you get opinions... good & bad... about your choices. Again... it's a choice to post here.
  10. I agree. It's time to get a backbone & stand up for yourself & your son. Find a decent car. Trade in the car you have on the newer one. Hopefully for a couple thousand, you can get a more reliable car. You do not owe your family a car. They are grown people fully capable of saving money for a car. They have not done that because they have not had to. At this point, you are an enabler. They will continue to use & abuse you as long as you let them. Is that what you want your son to see every day? Is that how you want him to grow up to treat his wife & family? Go back & read your posts from years ago. It's the same story over & over. Only you can change your & your son's future. I pray that you believe you & your son are worth enough to get out from this abusive living situation. I see this as no different than an abusive spouse.
  11. I (thankfully) don't know much about bankruptcy... by 4.5 years, does that mean you have to make payments for 4.5 more years or is that how long it remains on your credit report? If it's payments, is there an option to pay early?
  12. It has since been declared unconstitutional to require divorced parents to pay for college when non-divorced parents are not required. However, all existing orders are still being enforced. Didn't mean to hijack the thread... just pointing out that it's not an unusual request, but I would not turn over yours unless he turns over his. The judge was satisfied that our lawyer had them in his possession & did not require us to submit them since the other side refused to provide theirs.
  13. We had to do this when DH's ex sued for college support. We provided all the information to our attorney. We also told him not to hand it over until he had theirs in his hand. He told the judge he had it & was willing to do a swap. She never provided hers (she is married to a lawyer & doesn't work, so did not want to present what they have to live on compared to what we live on when she was asking for 100% college expenses from us). Our lawyer never turned ours over. Judge finally imputed income on her & we pay 60%.
  14. Looks like you've made good progress on the desserts!
  15. I wonder how many of those online folks emailed him & he ignored them!
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