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  1. This is such great news. Congratulations to both of you!
  2. Oh, my goodness, this is awesome! Yes. It answered my question. Thank you for sharing all of it. DH and I have a long family history of type 2 diabetes and I really want to avoid it in the future. I have really enjoyed reading your posts about the progress you and your husband have made over the last year. I love seeing that he is able to eat normal things -- like yogurt, roasted potatoes, sandwiches and crackers with cheese. I need to pay more attention to bread and jam carbs.
  3. Okay, I really just want to see a couple days worth of diets. I know, I know what you said, but I'm still curious.
  4. Awesome job! There was so much work that went into his health improvement.
  5. So much time and stress! That sounds pretty great that you've been able to get him away from sodas and the vending machine! And the fact that his blood sugar is no longer sky high is fantastic. I hear you about the junk food, etc., but wanted to say that my brother who is Type 1 diabetic likes to have a few treats once in a while. He has tried a number of different sodas and while doctors have told him diet coke is the best tasting, he prefers A&W Diet creme soda. When everyone else is drinking something fun (like once a year) it's nice for him to have something too.
  6. Wowsers! Good luck with your "project".
  7. I'm sorry that it isn't covered for you, but I'm glad you're going to get the care you need. The US is moving toward more mental health coverage. Individual and small group health insurance plans are required to cover mental health services at parity with other medical services under Obamacare. Large employer plans have long had a federal law that if they covered mental health services it must be at parity with other medical services...but they weren't required to have mental health services so many people with large employer plans don't have coverage. (There are also some grandfathered or transitional plans out there that don't have mental health coverage.) Of course some people's plans may have coverage but getting in to seeing a doctor might be a challenge for example appointment wait times or distance to travel.
  8. I hate to "like" a diagnosis for fibromyalgia, but answers are good.
  9. GlacierBear


    Oh, I am so jealous!
  10. GlacierBear

    I'm Back!

    So glad to hear from you and know that you are back on your feet! It's not uncommon to have depression following any kind of surgery (I blame it on the pain meds). This kind of surgery though -- including the hormonal changes -- is especially tough. Hugs. It will get better.
  11. GlacierBear

    Health issues

    I'm curious what tests you had run. It's(used to be) not possible to diagnose Endo without surgery. That is why the average diagnosis time is 10 years.
  12. Thinking of you. Hoping your recovery is going well.
  13. Honestly, I 'm having a hard time understanding how this program will help you get into the OT field. Most OT have a master's degree and based on what you are saying this sounds like an associates type program. So that makes me question what kind of a school this is. Is it a community college, state university or for-profit school? If it's a for profit school, I do think you need to reconsider continuing. If it's one of the others, then you have many options about where you want go with the education that you have. Take time this summer to explore those options and create a plan. Of course I am saying this as someone with a liberal arts degree who is taking university classes on the side (with no plan whatsoever) but am trying to stay current and develop marketable skills in case I need to switch to a new field. (I was fortunate to get into my current position with a bachelor's and experience. New hires must have a degree in a specific field).
  14. I just wanted to say that I think this is great that you are doing this while your kids are older. They need supervision and attention and making yourself more available for them is awesome.
  15. GrnMtnGirl has it right. You do need to grieve this loss.
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