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  1. I generally eat fairly low carb. I eat lots of raw veggies and salad. I also enjoy the 100 calorie packs of nuts. I like slim jims. I quit soda and really enjoy decaf green or black tea with just one teaspoon of sugar. I don't do artificial sweeteners, but if I am really looking to treat myself I sometimes have half diet lemonade/half unsweetened tea from Chick-fil-a. I also buy the chicken salad to go from Zoe's Kitchen and put it in a Flat Out wrap. The salted caramel Skinny Cow ice cream bars taste great and don't have too much sugar in them -- they don't have artificial sweeteners
  2. boothannie

    The first week jinx

    I just recently had my bangs cut too short as well. Two weeks later and I love the length! I pushed them to the side and even pinned them back for a few days, but I am loving them now. Hang in there -- bangs grow fast!
  3. Looks great! I love the sundress on your little cutie!
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