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  1. Hi all, It has been awhile since I posted a blog entry, so I thought it was time. I don't know about everyone else, but I seem to go in surges of concentration and effort on one thing for awhile and then things wane for a bit as my concentration turns to something else. My efforts and concentration on our finances drifted a bit over the last several months, but I seem to be back on track with a vengeance. Hubby and I are really communicating well on our finances. We are both on the same page and we can now see retirement quickly approaching and it is looking better all the time. Hubby wants to buy a new 5th Wheel RV when we retire which will hopefully be in just under 5 years. I showed him how we could make that happen if we could ever just get this debt done and he is so on board now it is amazing. I've never gotten on board with DR idea of dropping retirement contributions while doing BS 2 because hubby wasn't ever totally on board, but we just submitted paperwork to drop to the match. I know if we stay on track we can be done in 18 months, maybe we can do it in 12. We have a few repairs and expenses that will eat the snowball in the next couple months, but we will be hitting it in earnest in August which is only a bit more than 2 months from now. I know we can do this! Finally! All is good! JennieB
  2. JennieB

    Hello 2014!

    Good job! I like your positive attitude!
  3. As the mother of a 24 year old young man, I can only imagine what your family is going thru. Prayers being said here.
  4. Wow, very scary. I've noticed that there seem to be much larger blind spots in cars now. In particular the area between the windshield and the driver side or passenger side windows. I think those sections are larger to hold the side airbags and they really make for large blind spots. I was at a stop sign and an entire car coming from the right disappeared in that blind spot. I've also had two situations where people were walking and were in that blind spot. Very scary. I now make sure that I move my head to see around that blind spot every time I am turning on a crosswalk or whatever. Very good idea to wear the orange safety vest and the flag for the stroller too.
  5. Awesome! I've been walking either outside or on the treadmill every day since October 2nd. It is working!
  6. You could do a quiche. They are really pretty easy to make, especially if you use a frozen pie crust. Throw in some cheese and broccoli or asparagus or any kind of meat.
  7. Thanks all - yes, I think he might be finally "getting it" and it feels good! This is one more thing that I can add to my thankful list for November!
  8. You are doing a great job. Have you considered an au pair for child care? We did that and it worked out very well. You have to have a room for her and there is an up front fee of a few thousand dollars, but then the weekly cost is much lower. It is a wonderful way to make lifelong relationships with young ladies from across the globe and is financially worth it when you have multiple children. Anyway, something to think about and if you are interested, I'd be happy to share more specifics.
  9. JennieB

    A Little Bit Calmer Now

    I'm so glad you are feeling better about it.
  10. JennieB

    Too good to be true

    Good choice! You can do this. Just be very aware of your surroundings and take appropriate precautions.
  11. JennieB

    Just keep swimming :)

    So cool on the nightgown find. That is really amazing and I would have been crying too.
  12. You are doing so awesome!
  13. DH and I had a wonderful few days with our son. He is 24 and lives in the outer banks of NC. He really seems to have turned a corner and is getting his life together. About 2 years ago he turned in his drivers license because his insurance was extremely high and he couldn't afford it. He was living with us and we told him turn in your license or get your own insurance because we weren't paying it anymore. He was struggling to find work and being somewhat difficult to live with. Then for a year or so he was working and living on his own locally, but spending all his money and just not getting it together very well. Where he was working went under and his girlfriend went back to California, so things weren't going to well. He moved back in and we paid for him to go to a week of bar tending school as a Christmas gift. He found a few part time jobs but it was a struggle and he still had no transportation. (Years before we had bought him a used car but he got multiple speeding tickets and several accidents and then he sold the car because he needed the money). Anyway, last April/may timeframe he went to the outer banks with a friend and got two jobs, worked like a crazy man and paid his rent and bills and such. Fast forward to a month ago, he came home for a visit and had a family friend go with him to buy a car. He found a good condition beater that he bought for 2000. We offered to get some minor things done to it for him as his Christmas gift so that was 600. So, Thursday DH and I went down to the outer banks and stayed overnight at a nearby hotel. While DH worked from the hotel I took DS to the post office to set up his mailbox at his house (he shares a house with 5 or 6 other people in the vacation area), then we went to the local insurance agents office and he paid for his car insurance, then we drove the hour to the DMV and he attempted to get his drivers license. They were very helpful, but he had a problem with Virginia holding his license, so he called the Virginia DMV and we were on hold for 20 minutes. But finally the Virginia DMV said he could be squared away if he paid 158 for some fine or whatever from 2 years before, so he paid that over the phone. Then the NC DMV said he would have to come back the next day because the computer system would update info overnight. So, Friday we got up early and went back to the DMV again and he got his NC license. We then stopped in at the other DMV for car tags (they do it in two separate locations for tags and licenses) and he checked to see what he had to do to get his car registered. He has to wait for his actual license in the mail and they don't do temporary tags so he has to wait. Then on our way back to his house we stopped at his bank for him to change his address from our house to his and stopped in at the insurance agents to give them a copy of the license. Then we went back to his house and he picked up some things and he came back to our house with us for a visit. We stopped to visit our daughter at college on the way back. Yes, it was a pain to drive 4 hours to his place on Thursday, then drive all around the outer banks area for two days back and forth taking him places. Yes it was expensive to stay in a hotel, eat out three meals, and pay for gas for it all, then drive all the way back home on Friday. But OMG it was so awesome to see him make this much progress. He seems happy, is enjoying the work, has strong friendships, and now has his license. We will probably tow the car down next weekend for him when we take him back down there. Then when the official license comes in the mail he can get a friend to take him back to the DMV one more time to get his tags and he will be able to drive his car. He was surprised at how much all this cost him and now it will be a little tight over the winter, but he seemed to have it under control and was excited about it. I really think it meant a lot to him that we told him we were proud of how well he is doing. He even said he had been using the envelope system I had set up for him last spring. I asked him if he would read TMMO, and he said no but if I would just tell him what the next step should be he would do it. So it has been a good few days for us. I think maybe, just maybe, I can now classify my son as a man and no longer a boy. Please God, help him stay on the right path. Next weekend when we go back with the car in tow I will pack some food so we don't have to eat out.
  14. Cool on the book sales. How many did you sell to make that much?
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