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  1. What state standards, exactly, are you looking for? I will say if you have the patience to parent, you have the patience to teach. They're the same thing. As a parent, you teach manners, behavior, skills, and a lot of other things. Teaching reading, math, science, and art is no different. It does not have to take on a form of School, but simply be an extension of parenting. This is possible. Scratch any Pinterest ideas that use things you don't have. We follow an online art curriculum where I sometimes cannot get the book or do the craft. So what? I pick a different book. We find a different craft. I wasn't doing apple prints - AGAIN - with children who weren't interested. We made apple muffins and apple scented playdough instead. That I *could* do. I made that rule a long time ago when it seemed like blue jello ______ was all the rage. Rivers. Oceans. Cells. Whatever. I couldn't get my hands on any, my kids didn't like jello, and the idea was just frustrating every time I couldn't follow the "plan". Now it's my plan. Only mine. We homeschooled in a 900sq ft apartment for a while with only a cubby and dresser for storage. We did as much as possible not being confined to our small space. I'll never have room for a schoolroom (nor do I think I want one at this point), but I'll always have a bookshelf, rubbermaid bin, and a couch.
  2. What, exactly, are they testing at the beginning of school? They haven't taught anything! If they are assessing what she retained in the 2 months she's been out of school, that should have been quick. You're making me not ever want to put my youngest in the school system.
  3. 10? Man, that's a lot! In 8 weeks of school? Do they all test different things? You can always have science take priority over homework, spending an hour a week on it. Not the best solution, but it's a way to get it all in there. And on the upside, exposure to different ideas means greater comprehension, greater comprehension aids vocabulary, better vocabulary helps reading....and you can always do it on a Saturday or Sunday rather than trying to fit it all in before dinner.
  4. One more thing, there are hybrids of home & school settings that a lot of parents use. University models (where a child attends 2 days a week, does 3 days at home), Classical Conversations (one day a week, 4 days at home, everyone uses the same material), umbrella or parent schools (different numbers of hours/days, flexible schedule, you pick classes for your child to attend), and traditional co-ops (one day a week, usually a requirement for the parent to help out in some capacity, can be electives, academic, or a mixture of both) We did not find the classroom setting to be a benefit until jr. high, when the need to collaborate and build individual skills was great. Before that, even in traditional schools, there is not a whole lot of true collaboration going on. The students are guided through every activity. Small exposure to this sort of thing through sports, scouts, art lessons, weekly playgroups, are usually enough to build the foundation for working together as peers later.
  5. When teachers are leaving in an exodus, we have a crisis in our schools. A best district in a failing national system - is it best for children? Or just a comparison between the other offerings? I'm not going to lie, homeschooling is hard work. Mostly because of three things the first year: 1. Getting rid of the 'school' mentality. Many homeschools operate in more of a collaborative lesson system with their kids, where it's not lecture/do, but discussion/activity. The idea of needing to be at a desk, with a blackboard, with set times, is thrown out. 2. The internal pressure. You worry that you're not doing it right, not doing enough, not qualified, don't have the time. It is stressful. 3. The external pressure. New=scrutiny. Those who love you may worry that you're not doing it right, not doing enough, aren't qualified, don't have the time. And they will so kindly tell you so. Go, talk to people in your area. Join a homeschool group and hit up a mom's night so you can get real life answers and support. You may decide it's not the best option for you, or you may decide it is. But either way, it's only for a year. You have to re-decide next year. And man, there is so much better out there than Saxon! It's a git-er-dun curriculum that will definitely make sure children learn, but the ability to tailor subjects to a kid....that's the draw for me right there.
  6. I'd be sending a note in. "Dear teacher, my child is not supposed to work a full time job and do overtime. We will spend 15 minutes on homework. The rest is for you to teach in class. Kindly, THE MAMA."
  7. Gently - it is okay for kids to have a bad day. It's okay to let them know you support them and love them even when they're having a rough time. Squeeze hands, hug.....it's okay. (they also can be masters at brainstorming solutions when presented with the problem) It's also okay to refuse homework. No one ever said a child should have a full time job AND work overtime, too.
  8. Lily_Grace

    School ramblings

    MFW is set up more like a classroom for large families, GLG, There's one set of lessons, with each grade going deeper or easier as it needs to be. Just like a classroom full of students with various abilities, IEPs, etc. But instead of having 30, Mimi has 6. They can work together at their own ability and collaborate during the main lessons, and get one on one during individualized lessons (like math and language arts).
  9. Lily_Grace

    School ramblings

    You should check out the Dollar Tree. I don't know if they still have them but they had these great sticker packs with flags from around the world on one sheet and landmarks, cultural costumes, and animals on the other. I ended up making a deck of cards and foam countries to match up with each other. I think I spent $2.50 on the entire thing total and we just add to it each month when we get to a new country.
  10. Lily_Grace

    School ramblings

    Awesome! I'm one of those people who loves the *idea* of Sonlight/Bookshark, but the implementation scares the beejeezus out of me. One lady posted a "why we love Sonlight but are moving away from it this year" video on Youtube - for two children she was spending several hours a day reading aloud. It just wasn't feasible. But too many are guilted in by the Reasons Not To Use Sonlight list. Bah. Our one year I bit the bullet I went with a less literature intense program (World of Adventure). 10 books that were built around in 10 units. Boom. Easy and doable. You could pick and choose whatever else you wanted to supplement with (much like MFW book basket idea). Their actual history and science lessons that were built in were meh, but I loved their social studies, language arts, and literature activities.
  11. Sometimes, it's just cathartic to write it out.
  12. Go to the nursing home, my dear. They would love to see you, those who are 80 and left alone. You could be the mutual cheer society - lift their spirits and they, in turn, will lift yours.
  13. Lily_Grace

    being a homebody.

    Wow! Big baby! I had two moms at playgroup today commenting on their 13lb monkeys - one was 3mo, the other was 5. Big difference between the two lol. The 3mo was all cute and squishy, while the 5mo was solemn and lean.
  14. Lily_Grace

    being a homebody.

    Get two sling rings. If your wrap is woven, you can do a very simple no-sew modification to make it a sling. I will say that we *did* get an infant seat for our youngest, and I'm glad we did. The Britaxes would not have fit him at all, and I'm still not sure with the inserts they have now. All the convertible seats on the market have a very low weight requirement, but make you dig to find the strap height measurements, which are more important when newborn shopping. Frustrating. I know a few of them are starting to work for smaller and smaller babies, which is good. The way it should be.
  15. Oh, my gosh! Gorgeous! I love all the purple!
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