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  1. Working the Plan!!!

  2. Cutenirish

    Room to breathe

    Nice job!!! What work do you do< i can't recall
  3. WE LOVE the extra bathroom!! It's awesome!!! Worth the wait!! DH jokes he wants to move into the basement!, we could turn it into a bedroom if we wanted too at some point for us But i doubt we would It's nice usable space for when guests are over for dinners and stuff :0
  4. We finally got our extra bathroom put together (purchased everything in May/June 2015). When you have free help things get done when they cane. It's been a week and we LOVE having the extra bathroom. It makes mornings quieter so the kids sleep in til 6:30/7 half the time now most days it was 6am!! The basement family room painted up great as well. Dh put a ton of hours in down there (20 hours painting paneling over the course of a week). We have a ceiling to paint and the floor again in the bathroom before the trim can get put up. I've picked up some hours for my Virt Asst gig. (6 hours last week) and probably another 12-15 by the end of the month!! It def comes in waves We got a deck for the back of the house for the labor of taking it down and $100 in deck screws and a few new boards. it's great 11x13 or so (over the concrete patio that was already there) DH did that in Nov and Dec because our weather was so great!! Lack of overtime for DH has slowed down the extra being send to the truck loan (i mean like $10k less over the last 13 months). But i happily sent an extra $102 extra to principle today! I expect to send $200-300 extra a month from here on out!! And if there is a tax refund (doubtful it's pretty even now with so much less OT). that should head to the truck too! Just trucking along. The kids are good DS has gotten his anxiety under control for the most part School is much less of a stress for him as of now. I'm doing more for ME i was in a major funk Nov-early Jan! I am back to zumba twice a week and love it! I need to get back at the Y and want to check the dates on some 5ks for spring!!!
  5. Cutenirish

    Court Update

    good a date!!! Good luck!!
  6. I've been doing the short hair thing for about 18 months, It is zero extra maintenance for me its awesome! i can let it air dry or blow dry if i want a bit more volume (3 mins).
  7. I ate out of our freezer and ditched som things. Ya know the frozen ham from best by Feb 2013!! (it was behind some jugs of frozen water so i never saw it!!!) Our freezers are in good order at the moment. I do need to inventory the pantry items
  8. We've had painted counter tops as did my mom and grandma and my mom painted gram's cabinets too. Labor of love! 60x$20=$1200 (great savings!!
  9. As i read this two years later, it is still vivid in my mind. Interestlying enough in Feb or so of that following year (2014) a employee of the other department asked my DH if he wanted to know who almost hit me. DH said "No, because i like my job and would like to keep it" That employee seemed surpirsed he did not want to know. DH "No, don't tell me" I fully believe that "driver" has crossed my path in the past two years and meet me in person. And I know he knows who I am. My husband in fact did get transferred into that department in Jan of 2015. It did sort of follow him, as it was a concern of his old bosses. but things seems to be fine.
  10. Enjoy that grandbaby!! Compromise is part of personal finance!!
  11. i will say this year has been our worst for DS 3rd grade. Prayers for more smooth days!!
  12. Cutenirish

    I hate moving

    prayers it goes smoothly.
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