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  1. Congratulations!!!!!
  2. mimi

    What's up with us

    Would be down in San Antonio of he gets it.
  3. mimi

    What's up with us

    He would be non-deployable for 4 years if he gets the special duty. As much as I would hate to move again I would do it happily if it means he stops deploying constantly.
  4. mimi

    What's up with us

    Let's see.... Dh started his new job last week. He is miserable. He is the top level of rank on the flightline before the jump to "the office". They are under manned and he is pretty frustrated. He is applying for every special duty available in an attempt to move to a new base. I have been on my new medications for almost a week. The beta blocker has dropped my resting heart rate from 100 to 60. I may still need another medication to drop my blood pressure as well. The anti depressant is doing it's job. I have gone from being numb and feeling like I am "sleep walking" all day to "waking up". No more sleeping for 14 hours a day and then crying all day. I feel like myself again. Things are starting to interest me again and I am starting to care about things like cleaning and such again. I am not giddy with happiness but who is We are still waiting for the court system to issue our judgement against the former landlord. We sent in all of our paperwork several weeks ago so we just have to wait. Still waiting for our state tax refund as well. They required a pile of extra paperwork from us before they would pay. According to that letter it could be June before they pay. We are still pushing our way through BS3. We are just shy of $10,000. The goal is to get to $20,000 (5 mths expenses) and then restart BS4. I would like to go back and add more to BS3 at some point but we need to start working on sinking funds as well. Think that is all we have going on over here these days.
  5. mimi

    More court drama

    Absolutely nothing. Dh wrote a letter saying we did not approve the last continuation and do not approve any future ones. If the guy holds to form he will send a letter in asking for.it to be moved again 3 days before the date. At this point nothing is happening. Clever I do not expect him to pay. I expect him to have yet another trick up his sleeve. Heck maybe a whole lot of tricks. None of which we will have seen coming. He has been sued multiple times just on this property alone. We are doing this simply because he ticked us off and it is the principal of the matter. If we somehow manage to get a court order for him to pay before he files bankruptcy I guess we will try to get a property lien. I don't know. I am just focusing on trying to get the ______ into a court room.
  6. mimi

    More court drama

    I know. That is the only reason I am still pushing through.
  7. mimi

    More court drama

    Our court date was scheduled for Monday morning. Today we received notice that he got it continued again. He timed it perfectly. In his letter to the court he says that we agreed to the continuation. There is absolutely nothing we can do about it. I can call Monday morning and say we did NOT agree but it will be too late. He very neatly boxed us into a corner. He got it continued for another month. We will obviously call on Monday to say we do not agree to any continuations. I hate this man. This is absolutely pointless. We will never see a dime and we are sick of dealing with him.
  8. mimi

    Court Update

    We are fighting him tooth and nail not to move the date any farther than mid February (Which is when dh will be back). I am so sick of dealing with him. He is obviously stalling and trying to drag this out till we get tired and go away. ETA: I just called the court and we are now scheduled for Feb 29th. Prayers that this actually happens would be lovely.
  9. mimi

    Court Update

    We are still waiting to hear from the court on our request to change the date of our apperance. We did however hear from the PIA landlord. He called my husband today and left him a message. Apparently there has been a "death in the family" and he is asking for "an abatement" since he will be out of town for 30 days. We are obviously quite thrilled to hear he is trying to string this out even longer. There is some worry he is working on filing bankruptcy and before we can get a judgement. According to our lawyer that is a very real possibility. I don't even know why we are doing this at this point. He is still jerking us around and stringing things out. The chances of getting a dime out of this jerk are so slim at this point. We are going through with it because I am too ticked off to let it go but all that is happening is that after 6 mths I am still just as mad as I was at the time it happened. I told my husband to not take the man's calls and to not return his calls. There is no point. I am all for getting the new date and then fighting tooth and nail to stop him from moving it any farther back. Anyways there is our update. Such fun.
  10. mimi

    More Prayers :(

    My husband's friend and former coworker commited suicide today. My friend's husband who committed suicide the last week of December was laid to rest on the 8th. Last week another military member on our base attempted suicide but was found quickly. The effects of PTSD are very real and rocking our world at the moment. Dh and I are both shocked, heartbroken, and feeling helpless. Prayers for all affected would be appreciated. It breaks my heart that these men are not getting the help they so desperately need.
  11. mimi

    The first week jinx

    This week is going much better. Last week was just a triple whammy of stress and difficulties. I think there was definitly some situational depression going on. I think that since we have done this so many times that makes it harder not easier. I know what is coming. We are both so burnt out and done with it all. This week is going smoothly and things are progressing well. Just the usual difficulties with 7 people living in a house 24/7. The kids managed to break the fridge in 2 different places. I need to research how to fix that. That sort of thing. Good news is that our school work is 100% on schedule and little bit is rock solid with her potty training. We are studying Germany for the next two weeks. We always like the start of a new unit. Especially the projects and food! Dh is doing well on his TDY. He has taken care of the court "stuff" from his end. While the kids and I are welcome to go to the court house for the court date dh is the one that HAS to be there. It is his name on the lease and his name on the court case. I called and they refused to acknowledge the POA. He is the one that has to show up. Anyways he is sending in the letters tomorrow to ask for the court date to be changed. I managed to cut in some new bangs at an angle so it looks like the shortest part was intentional instead of a screw up. Looks much better now.
  12. mimi

    The first week jinx

    After months of fighting with the court system we FINALLY got a court date. Of course it came in this week and is for 2 weeks from now. Dh will still be gone. I called and they do not honor power of attorney, he has to be here. We now have to write ANOTHER letter to the landlord showing that we are requesting a date change. We then have to send a copy to the court AGAIN. Then maybe they will move it to when dh will be here. Blood work, shots, and perscriptions done today. I am soooooo tired. Someone gave the cat a hair cut. My keys have apparently been in the car for 2 days (glad we have an alarm). I have zero energy for dinner. I would order in if anyone would deliver out here to the boonies. So far our week from hell is not getting any better. I am scared to see what tomorrow brings.
  13. mimi

    The first week jinx

    Our wood stove was back drafting into the house. It has been fixed.
  14. mimi

    The first week jinx

    I swear we are jinxed. This is dh's first week gone again and our first week back at school. The military wives have a saying that the first week dh is gone anything that can go wrong will. Nothing is going right and we are a mess. Yesterday we called off school when we literally almost died from carbon monoxide poisoning. The alarm kept going off but I thought it was the smoke detector (new house). I kept turing it off because I thought it was malfunctioning. When I started getting incredibly sleepy and the kids were all being still and quiet at the same time I realized something was wrong. I checked the alarm and realized it was the carbon monoxide detector that had been going off for over an hour. If we hadn't had the alarm I would have taken a nap and we would have all died. Dh is freaked out (he is 18hours away). I am not all that amused myself. So no school work done after THAT. Add in a guy swearing at us for being in his way at the commissary, finding out this week that the twins need to be sedated for MRI's of their brains, dh's check engine light just came on, one of the twins needs bloodwork done today, and maybe worst of all (j/k) is that I cut my bangs too short and look like a freak I need my husband to come home before this jinx gets any worse!
  15. Must be something in the air I spent my day cleaning out our big freezer, defrosting it, and wiping it all out. I plugged it back in but turned it off. No reason to keep it going since I was able to move all the meals into the upstairs freezer. I have 12 full meals left in the freezer from my last big assembly afternoon. I plan to use them all up while dh is gone TDY and then do another big assembly afternoon once he comes back.
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