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  1. bluejeans

    I'm Back!

    (hugs) and prayers for a full & speedy recovery to vibrant health
  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery to full & vibrant health. I've also been through a divorce. But have a very good relationship with my ex and his family.
  3. (hugs) I've been through this kind of stuff. Take a deep breath, and remember this too shall pass. When we finally got a diagnosis, it was like having a handle. Like, if you have pot on the stove boiling over, and suddenly you have a handle to grab onto, and move it somewhere to cool down.
  4. bluejeans

    I love Mondays

    I love Mondays too. Weekends are too unstructured for me.
  5. I love going to the museum, but it can be pretty spendy! That's why I jumped at the offer for 2 free museum passes from the Smithsonian Magazine. Link You get admission on Sept 24 at your choice of museum. Sweet! I'm taking DS12 to the Saint Louis Science Center
  6. You are coping so well! And think what progress you've made. Before you had DR's plan, what would you have done? Maybe gone into debt?
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