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  1. Well this week hasn't had much progress. I've stuck to plan but waiting around for more money to come in to put in the emergency fund is kind of boring. I've stuck to the budget for the most part though. I've filled my grocery envelope again and made my grocery list and meal plan for next week. So I've accomplished something. It's weird to have actual money in my hands again. And it makes me wonder what I did with all the money I was bring in before. Obviously I was just blowing it on stuff because I seem to have a lot more money than it feels like I should. For the first time in a long time, I have a little bit of money set aside for the kids needs and such. This is why I decided rather than doing daily updates, I'd try weekly. There doesn't seem to be much to write about. At first there were quite a few small things I could do to more the plan along but now it's just a waiting game. Once I start throwing snow ball, it will be more exciting though. I'm already counting down to when the money comes in. I should finish my emergency fund by the middle of August and be able to throw a snow ball at my first debt. Woo Hoo. I can't wait. And I'm on the count down to cutting up the credit cards I stuck in the drawer. I'm giving that to myself as a one month gift. Scheduled date 8-15-2012 for cutting up my cards. Happy 36th birthday to me that day. Around that same time, I should finish the BEF and throw my first snowball as well, so this next year of my life will be off to a great start. 13 days and counting. I'm pretty excited about this, it feels like progress. Have a great week.
  2. Daily Update... Well today I kind of fell off the wagon, I ate out for lunch after eating out for dinner so I'm out of blow money until the next pay check. The good news is that I still am within the blow money budget. I just need to get back on the not eating out wagon again. Tonight we ate dinner at home at least, an I have next weeks menu planned with plenty of left over to take to work for lunch. On the up side, I've filled my envelopes and have my grocery list ready which I'm hoping to come in under budget on. I'm also beginning to debate about refinancing the house. I know I should do it but need to look into some lenders to see who has the best program to do so. I bought my house around 3 years ago and already I'm under water. I bought it at a reasonable price at the time but property values continued to fall. It looks like that trend is starting to turn around here though. I'll probably wind up having to go through the government program though that will allow you to refinance even if your under water. And of course, doing stupid I have an FHA loan and am paying PMI since I didn't put down 20%. Looking back, I knew better at the time but caved to pressure to buy. On the up side, I love my house and plan to stay here as long as possible and I bought a reasonable house that I could afford the payment on even with the crazy stupid I was doing. (Why do I feel like I should knock on wood after saying that? Well I'm knocking on wood just be safe because saying that makes me feel like I'm inviting trouble.) Projects for tomorrow: Grocery shop, drop the cook book I sold off at the post office, finish boxing up the hand me down clothes that my cousin gave me and clean up the nursery. Those clothes have only been sitting around in there for 7 or so months. I'm finally getting to them tomorrow though. And take some boxes to the recycle place. Happy Friday All.
  3. Daily Update. Well I'm at the start of week 3 of this plan and so far so good. I'm doing really well with taking my lunch to work rather than buying it out which was a huge budget leak for me. And until tonight, we've eaten all meals at home. Tonight I decided to treat the kids to McDonald's, it pay day and Happy Meals are 1.99 eat M-T from 4-9pm ish so I was able to feed all four of us for less than $10 which worked nicely into the blow money budget. I do have to say though, now that we haven't had fast food in a few weeks, I wasn't too impressed with what we ate. It was rather blah but the kids liked it so I'm happy enough with the purchase and it was nice to take a small break from cooking. Tomorrow will be back to eating at home and of course taking my lunch. On the soda front, I had my one Dt Dr Pepper this morning then water until dinner where I had a small Dr Pepper with my meal. But tomorrow again it will be back to one a day. Oh and I sold another cook book, yea me. I'm going to print off the postage and pick up a envelope tomorrow and drop it in the mail and send it on it's way. On Saturday, I'm supposed to see my cousin and I'll let her look through the ones I'm donating and she if she wants any of them, any she doesn't take are going to good will and will be out of my before the end of this weekend. I can't wait. See things leave my house rather than come into it is rather satisfying. Now I just have to buckle down and find something else to purge, I've really been slacking off on that front. On the plan for tonight, go through the grocery store ads and the pantry, make a meal plan, then write up the grocery list. Prep for tomorrow, including laying out clothes and packing my lunch. (I've already go hamburger thawing in the frig for tomorrow nights dinner), then I'm going to go through the house and gather up all the random papers I've been hanging onto for no reason and throw them out. Plan for tomorrow: work of course, then go by bank and fill envelopes, make dinner, finish cleaning the dining room and relaxing and spending sometime with the kids. Happy Thursday All.
  4. Daily Check in...Well I've made it two weeks. Today was a no spend day. Let's see what else, I made it through the day with the 1 Dt Dr Pepper. I ate the lunch I packed last night and have another packed for tomorrow from yesterday's left overs. So I'm pretty set for another no spend day tomorrow. I put the cook books I sold in the mail so that is done. I don't feel like I've accomplished much today and am feeling a little run down and tired. Withdrawal from cutting back on soda really sucks sometimes. Hopefully my body will acclimate to the lower amounts if caffiene that it is getting soon. I'm tired enough that I actually consider not posting this blog tonight but I really feel like it's keeping me on track so here I am. I'm going to cut this one short though and relax the rest of the night. And hopefully make it to bed earlier than usual. Happy Wednesday All.
  5. Daily Update. Today was not a no spend day. I had to stop and get gas this morning and run to pick up some shipping supplies at the store during lunch to ship off the books that have sold. I have sold a total of 4 of them as of tonight. It's a good thing I picked up a couple of extra envelopes when I went to the store I had only sold 2 books. So four books out of my house and a little extra money coming in. It feels pretty good knowing that someone else will get some use out of them. I also spend money on the shipping for these books. All I need to do in the morning is drop them in the mail. Other than that I picked up a frozen meal at the store for lunch. I finally am packing something else rather than the left overs that I took yesterday as it is obvious I'm not going to eat those left over if there is another option and there is always another option. I had left overs tonight. At least it was inexpensive $3 for a meal rather than the $7 to $8 that I would normally spend and it was really good. I'm going to try and recreate it from scratch later for my lunches. As far as the rest of the day, I'm back on track. We had dinner at home tonight, cheeseburger mac and corn with bread. The kids really liked it and it was easy to make. So no arguments at the dinner table. Maybe not the healthiest thing ever but worlds better than McDonalds. And I'm still making due with one Dt Dr Pepper a day. It's starting to get a little easier but the transition is always the worst part of giving up the soda. I have packed lunch for the next two days from the left overs tonight. So no more temptation to pick something out even if I wind up having go out again for packing supplies again. I really need to get back to my purging as well. See my nice cleaned off cook book shelf makes me motivated to clear some other stuff out of my house as well. I'd like to tackle either my closet or the appliance closet but those are both weekend chores. Major projects there. Maybe I purge one of the drawers in my dresser. I haven't tried to tackle anything in my room for a long time so the drawers are probably due for a good purging. Although I kind of feel like a fell off the wagon a little bit today with lunch (it came out of blow money but still, it feels like a slip), at least I used cash and didn't complete derail. So back up on the wagon, strapping myself on and moving forward. Happy Tuesday All.
  6. Daily check in...Another no spend day today. That's 2 in a row. Tomorrow I'll have to stop and get gas so that will be a spend day but at least it's a budgeted spend day. It's really kind of weird, I'm not finding difficult to not spend money. This is very different from the prior times when I attempted this. Hopefully this means I'm ready to really commit to the plan and get out of debt. Daily food check in, I have successfully made it through the day with only 1 Dt Dr Pepper. It's getting more difficult to do so however, I'm really pretty run down today but hopefully this will be short term and I'll be back to full speed soon only without all the caffiene and sweetener. I also took my lunch today but decided not to eat what I took. It was meatloaf and lima beans and it just didn't sound good at all at lunch. Thankfully I keep some ramen noodle meals at my desk so I ate one of those instead. Then I came home and threw chicken nuggets and fries in the deep frier. I was planning on something with hamburger but the 1lb I pulled out this morning hadn't defrosted in the frig yet and I don't like to defrost in the microwave. So we'll be having hamburger tomorrow. Oh and I made a brownie mix tonight so the house smells great and we'll have dessert and snacks for the rest of the week. On the money front, I got the cook books listed last night, at least the ones that were worth listing. Anything that was selling for less than a $1 just isn't worth it to me to try and sell on-line. Shipping expense and taking stuff to the post office would eat any profits. And by this morning, I had one sell. Admittedly I listed it for $4.50 but hey money coming in is money coming in. I just need to get it packaged and sent off. Also after giving it some serious thought, I think I'm going to scale back my goal for my BEF to $1000. It's what Dave actually recommends and I would like to get started paying down debt sooner rather than later. So by the middle of next month I should be on Baby Step 2, that will match nicely with my birthday gift to myself of cutting up the cards. I should be brave enough by then. They're packed away in the file cabinet and not available for use but they are still whole. Happy Monday All.
  7. Daily check in. Today was a no spend day. Woo Hoo. I talked myself out of picking up the salsa this week for the recipe I want to try. I can do so just as easily next week and have a little bit of cushion incase we run out of milk or something. I'm not thinking we will but better to be safe than sorry. Oh and as a extra challenge to myself, I'm trying not use my change money. Instead when I get home, I pull it out the envelope and put it in a piggy bank. I figure if I get really desperate, I can always get into the piggy bank but if not then it will be a nice snowball to throw here in few months or so or a nice treat for me and the kids depending on how much progress we've made when I cash the change in. We got up this morning and my kids devoured their donuts before church. Then off to church and to my parents house for a great lunch of meatloaf, mac and cheese and green beans. Then a nap for the kids and a nice visit for me and my mom. Dad's out of town so it was just us girls. When we got home, I put dinner in the oven: oven fried chicken and baked potatoes in the crock pot. So it was a pretty easy meal. I also took the time today to purge through my cook books. I've been meaning to do so and have done so many times but alway wind up keeping all of them just in case I may make something out of them in the future. This time I pulled about 1/2 of them out. I need to list them on either amazon or half.com and see if they sell. I'll give them a week or so and if not, I'll donate them to good will. So the first things I've found to try and sell off. I'm not expecting much but every little bit helps. And even if they don't sell, it will be nice to purge down some stuff out of my house. My stuff-itus is really reflected in my house if feels like. Sadly this isnt' the first time I've faced this although it has been around 7 years or so since I sold a bunch of stuff off. So for tonight, I'd like to get the cook books listed, then relax and prepare for the work week. I need to pack my lunch and pick out my clothes for tomorrow. I also need to put my book in purse so I have something to read during lunch. Happy Sunday all.
  8. Just a quick check in tonight as I want to keep the habit of blogging up. I really believe it is helping me keep focused. We really didn't do much today. Although I did get through part of my to do list. My house still needs to be clean and I need to finish finding some homes for the stuff off the breakfast bar. We did make it by the post office, the bank and the grocery store. And I still have money left in my grocery envelope. Which is a good thing because I found a recipe for rice, beans and salsa that I want to try out for lunch next week which mean I need to pick up some more salsa. I also need some more grape jelly. Other than that one trip out, we stayed in the house the rest of the day. It is so hot outside that going out and playing outside really isn't an option at least not for long. I'll be so glad when this weather cools off or at least rains. But staying home has allowed met o get all the clothes washed and most of my bed clothes. My comforter is in the drier now to go back on the bed before I retire for the evening. Which means all I need to wash tomorrow is the kid's bed clothes. Hopefully I can get their sheets washed and dried and back on their beds before we go to church. That way when we get home, all I need to wash is the girl's comforters. My had spaghetti with garlic bread tonight. My kids are wild about spaghetti and at least I feel a little better serving that than hot dogs or fish sticks. It was pretty tasty. The menu for tomorrow is our usual donuts before church, then lunch at my Mom & Dad's house, then I'm throwing potatoes in the crock pot so we'll have baked potatoes with dinner. I'm planning on making oven baked chicken legs. The store had chicken legs on sale for $1 a pound today so I picked some up. Since I went grocery shopping, this was another spend day for me. Tomorrow will be as well, if I wind up picking up the salsa and jelly but at least it's planned spending and not willy-nilly all over the place. Happy Saturday all.
  9. Well so much for going the birthday part, one of the kids is running a temp of 103. Of course this would happen on a night we have plans beside sitting around the house. It was something fun to look forward to while it lasted. Here's to hoping whatever this virus is that is making it's way through my house finishes up this weekend. Since the kids are in daycare, they are always bring home one illness or other. Thankfully all of our immune systems seem to getting stronger as none of us seem to be getting sick as often or having an illness as long as it was when I first got the kids. Other than that today went pretty well, I took my lunch again today and ate it. And I drank my 2 Dt Dr Peppers and began drinking water. I am having a nice cool glass of cool aid right now. Then I think I'll have another glass of water if I stay up after my current drink is gone. The only problem with cutting back on soda is I am so tired. I know that this is a short term issues with cutting back on the soda and I just need to power through it but ick being tired all the time sucks. On a bright note, my depost went through at the bank today so I made the transfer tonight. $700 into savings. I finally feel like I'm taking some real steps to back away from the cliff I was hanging out on with all my debt and no savings. A tiny baby step maybe but still some steps in the right direction. Now to keep an eye out for Murphy because I just know he'll come visiting now that I have a little bit put aside. We ate dinner in tonight obviously as my kid is sick. We had hot dogs and vegies. Again not the most healthy but even my sick kid ate a little bit so I'm counting it as a win and all three of the kids ate well at daycare today. Tomorrow it will be back to real meals though, fish sticks and hot dogs are easy and my kids love them but really not a healthy food for them. Last night I clean off the side table in the living room that the lap top lives on. For some reason, I hang onto all kinds of paper I really don't need. That will probably be one of my goals going forward. Throwing away or recycling any trash that I have at the end of the day. I really don't need to hang onto junk mail and empty envelopes. Plan for tomorrow; run by the post office and pick up the package that I have waiting there. Then go the by the bank and withdraw the grocery money. Make the grocery run. Begin cleaning off the breakfast bar in the kitchen which is my clutter magenet. For some reason everything winds up finding it way onto the bar and never leaving. (this will probably be my kids are napping project for the day) So that will be quite a project. Completing the laundry. And of course, keeping myself and the kids fed through out the day. I'd also like to make it by the recycle drop with some boxes that can be gotten rid of. Then spending some time with the kids. And do the basic regular cleaning that is done weekly. If I have time, I may also try to clean out from under the kitchen sink. We'll see how tomorrow winds up running though. Happy Friday all.
  10. Happy Thursday all. Tomorrow is Friday Woo Hoo!!! I can't wait. I've been playing catch up at work since my son came home sick on Monday. Let's see, I'm still doing my 2 Dt Dr Peppers per day. And today at work after I had drunk my Dt Dr Peppers, I actually got myself a glass of water. I never drink water. Normally I make myself some iced tea. It was pretty yummy though so I may try drinking water at work after my soda allotment. I have thru Sunday to have 2 sodas a day then I'm cutting back to one soda per day. We'll see how it goes. This week hasn't been too bad with that constraint. I was a good girl and took my lunch and actual ate it even though I had to go out and pick out a gift my friend's little girl's 1st birthday. I wound up giving $9.78 for an outfit. It's cute and a month ago I wouldn't even have thought about buying two or three of these outfits. And normally when I go to Target, I wind up meandering through the store and wind up buying all kinds of junk just because and this time I just went straight to clothes and picked someting out and go out of the store. But it hurt to give up that money today. Now I just need to wrap it for tomorrows party. And honestly I have three kids, this party even with the gift will be much cheaper than just about anything else we'd do for entertainment. I did infact take on the junk drawer tonight. It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. Although there are few things from it that need to find a new home. I did throw out quite a bit though. Did I really need to hang on to the empty battery boxes or the empty light bulb boxes? I really need to start paying attention when I use such things and just toss the box when it's empty. I also found some stickers. My girls will be thrilled, they love stickers. I also made it by the bank tonight and deposited the stipend check. So hopefully tomorrow or Saturday I can make the transfer to savings. It will be nice to actually see some money in my savings account again. Thinking about it though I should have picked up this week's grocery money while I was there. Poor planning on my part and something to keep in mind for next time I make a deposit. We'll stop by the bank again on Saturday to pick up the grocery money. And extra trip but it can't be helped, I suppose. So on the to do list tonight: wrapping the gift for the party tomorrow night, planning out the menu for next week and making the grocery list, then finding at least two things to throw away. I'm pretty tired tonight so there won't be much purging but I want to get in the habit finding a few things a night that can be gotten rid of. Have a good Friday all. I'm hoping to be able to post tomorrow (it really does help me keep focused.) but it will depend on having enough time after work and before the party and not being too exhausted after the party. If not I'll be back on Saturday.
  11. Well I've made it through the week without falling off the wagon and have accomplished most of what I set out to do. So I'm pretty content with my progress so far. Today was back to work for me so not much got done around the house. The kids had lunch meat sandwiches and mixed vegies for dinner. I've kind of fallen off the menu plan I set up at the beginning of the week but we're still eating at home and I'm still taking my lunch so no eating out this week. And I still have a large amount of stock to go through and use up. So next week's grocery budget should be doable as well. I may make it a challenge to keep the grocery budget to $50 a week as long as I can and as often as I can. I was only planning on doing so this month and once I have to buy pet food for the dog or cats that will blow the $50 pretty quickly. But hey every little bit helps. I'm still on my 2 Dt Dr Peppers a day and it's working out pretty well. I drink both of them at work so the kids haven't seen me drink pop this week. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try to cut back to one a day next week. Then ween myself off it. We'll see how it goes. On cutting back on using paper products. We didn't use any papertowels tonight but my son is still in a diposable diaper. I need to wash the diapers which is on the list of things to get done this weekend then we'll start into cloth diapers at the house. And finally my foster care stipend came in so that's $700 to the emergency fund once I get it deposited tomorrow. I'll do that on the way to work. I have little enough time with the kids without adding those kinds of errands into our evening plans. That's a total of $800 to savings this month. That will probably be most of what I can deposit this month but hey at least it's going in the right direction. It's nice to actually see money going towards making my family more stable rather than just being blown on junk. Oh and a tiny bit of savings my kids lost the privilege of watching TV tonight so there is no TV on at our house. It's really quite but kind of nice not to have the TV going. My son is in bed already as it is past his bedtime but the girls are up playing. They haven't really complained too much but have asked to both watch the TV and to watch the computer which falls under the TV ban. I can tell though that they aren't enjoying much the TV being off. We'll see how they do in bed tonight. On the list for tomorrow, take my lunch and and actually eat it and take my entertainment (blow) envelope as I need to pick up a gift for the birthday party we're going to on Friday. I should be able to get away pretty cheaply, it's for a one year old and the family reqeusted clothes. And I'll need to dig out the birthday wrapping paper we have here at the house. Then wrap the gift. Make dinner, then bath and hang out with the kids for a while. Then work on purging the house some more. In fact tonight, I need to find something to purge. Maybe I'll hit the junk drawer in the kitchen. (Shudder) Happy Wednesday All.
  12. Well it is day six and all went pretty well today all things considered. My son was home sick so other than dropping the girls off at day care and picking them up we didn't leave the house which will result in some gas savings. That being said, I'm really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. During his nap time, I was able to finally plow through cleaning out the bathroom linen/medicine/storage closet. I found a few things in there that I had forgotten about that can be used. And it looks ever so much better now. There was a trash bag full of junk to throw out though. On the upside, I was able to sort through all the towels and pulled out the kitchen towels so I should be able to cut way back if not give up paper towels. And I found a bunch of those baby wash clothes that I never did like for batheing the kids that I am going to try out for diaper wipes. Now I just need to digout my cloth napkins and start using cloth diapers while at home (daycare won't cloth diaper and I can at least cut down on the diaper expense at home) and we'll be down to toilet paper for paper products. I am not quite willing to go cloth there. I also need to find an easy way to keep the cloth towels and such at hand and a small open hamper of some kind for the kitchen and bathroom for used towels and such. Surely I have something around the house I can use. Dinner went over pretty well tonight as well. Beef Stroganoff is a pretty big hit at our house though so I'm not surprised. Although as usual I have one kid that won't eat it that night. That kid wound up eating corn and bread for dinner because at our house dinner is a take it or leave it option. You'd think I would come across something that all three will eat without complain without it being hot dogs or chicken nuggets. And why is it that all three kids will eat all kinds of stuff at daycare that they won't touch at home? Oh well, normally we get a reasonably health diet into them. And I have two meals worth of left overs, between left overs last night and tonight, I have lunches for the rest of the work week. (I ate some other leftovers in the fridge for lunch.) And I was thinking today as I cleaned out the bathroom closet about all the money I've wasted. I make a really good living and should be in good financial shape. And yet I'm not because of stupid choices I've made. You'd think I'd learn the first time I dug myself out of debt but oh no not this girl. I know that there is nothing I can do about it now but buckle down and pay it off but it's disheartening to look back and know that I knew better even when I was running up the debt. I just wasn't ready to admit it at the time I guess. Oh and day two of the 2 Dt Dr Peppers per day was a success. I'm drinking kool aid right now which is probably just as bad for me but at least it is less expensive and doesn't have any caffiene. Maybe next week, I'll try cutting it down to one soda day. The goal is to give it up, it's bad for me and so expensive. Plus it doesn't set a good example for my kids. Happy Tuesday All.
  13. Happy Monday all. Today is day 5 and I actually accomplished another no spend day. Woohoo. It feels like it's been a long time since I've had two no spend days this close together. I took my lunch and actually ate it and thus far have been able to stick to my 2 Dt Dr Pepper a day rule (admittedly this is day one of that particular challenge but it's a start.) We had crock pot chicken with scalloped potatoes tonight for dinner which was a good thing as my son came home from daycare sick today. On the upside, since we had a little extra time this evening with me picking the kids up early we had some family time that we don't normally have during the week. And I have enough left over from dinner for lunch tomorrow. Plus the banana bread is in the oven as I type this and the house smells yummy. I did forget my book today for lunch though which kind of sucked but I read some news stories on the web. Not ideal but better than being tempted to run out and shop. Also on the purge portion of this, I figure this process goes hand in hand with my debt free journey. Get rid of both my financial clutter and the stuff cluttering up my house. I threw away one bag of trash from my night stand. And gathered a pile of smallerish boxes to take to the recycle bins. Look around my house really never felt clutter that stuff has a habit of piling up. My goal is to take care of a few things every day so that by the end of the year I'll have a lot more streamlined of a house. Eating down the stock that is stashed all over the house will help as well. Since I've gotten the kids I've kind of fallen into a rut menu wise. So by using up when I have they should be introduced to all kinds of new menu options. When I stocked up originally it was just me and the friends that I sometimes have over for dinner. Needless to say the stock needs to be changed out and rethought before I build it up again. And I may not build it up as large as it is now ever again anyway. We'll see. I know this is early on and I am by no means a patient person but it seems like it is talking forever to get started on this program. I know that my pay checks are bi-weekly and the foster care stipend was cut today and should arrive soon but I want it to move faster. Yes I'm having a pouty moment about it. I'll be fine but whaaa. I think this may be related to the I want it now mode that I've always battled although at least now it's about getting started rather than buying something.
  14. Well I'm closing in on the end of day four and thus far have accomplished most of what I set out to do this 1st week. Now I'm in waiting mode for some more money to come in. Time seems to be running slower in relation to that. Although I should receive my foster stipend sometime early this coming week and will be able to send a good chunk of if to my Emergency Fund. Did everything on my to do list today. Filled envelopes for child expense and entertainment with budgeted money. This is the first time in a long time that I've actually forced msyelf to go to cash. No more spontaneous shopping trips. I'm leaving the envelopes at home. I also went by the grocery store and picked up my son's milk (i wound up buying Almond which he is not as fond of as the coconut milk was sold out) and oxyclean. On the snow flake side of things, I looked through the paper at my parents house and found coupons (they are gracious enough to give me the coupons that they won't use) for both products which saved me a $1.30. Every little bit helps. I currently have $16.68 of the $50 I budget for groceries this week left. Oh and my parents gave me a grocery bag full of tomatoes as well. We all have tomatoes coming out our ears. I'll throw them in with what I can and freeze the rest. Mom & I will probably can some as well and hopefully we'll have enough to can some homemade salsa. The only other money I spend day was for gas. $36.76 to full up the tank that's $3.279 a gallon. Grr. I've budgeted enough money for this but it still irriates me that gasoline is so expensive. This should get me through until Thursday when I'll fill up again. I dont' like my tank to get below 1/2 a tank of gas. Today I was at 1/4 tank left though so maybe Thursday will be a little less expensive. I also stuck to the menu plan and made the homemaid pizza tonight. I have enough for lunch tomorrow and probably the day after. I packed tomorrows lunch already so I have no excuse to eat out tomorrow. Before bed, I need to pull out the crock pot and gather all the ingredients for the crock pot chicken I'm serving tomorrow. Nothing exciting but the kids and I all like it. I also need to go through the cookbook and find a receipe for Banana bread as I have some bananas that are starting to get past the point I like to eat them. I'll whip some bread up rather than a cake for snacks this week. Plan for tomorrow: Be sure to take lunch with me to work. (If I for some reason forget I have some ramen noodle type meals there as back up) Take book with me to read at lunch. Throw stuff in crock pot for tomorrow nights dinner. Cut back from several soda pops a day to two a day. (I have a real addiciton to Diet Dr Pepper that I'm working on cutting back on) Enjoy the day as much as possible and try not to take for granted the blessing I've been given. I'd also like to purge 2 things from my life that are serving no purpose. (Either to donate, throw away, or sell) Good night all, I hope you had a blessed Sunday.
  15. Th end of day three, and I made it through with out having a heart attack when I added up all my debt. $63K is enough to make my skin crawl. Although adding it all up, I should be able to get through it in 24 or so months, perhaps less if I can figure out other ways to get more gazelle. So in two years I'll be looking back at this post and smiling. On a less stressful front, I made it by the grocery store (Aldis) today and wound up spending $22.20 of the $50 I have budgeted for this week. All I need to pick up is my son's coconut milk and some oxyclean (neither of which Aldis carries) and I'll be done so I should come in under budget for this first week of envelopes. And that was all the money I wound up spending today which was planned. I also identified two other budget line items that I can use envelopes for. Enterainment which is $10 a week and kid's expense which is $25 a week. Kid expense covers gifts, clothes, school supplies, birthday parties, etc. I'm putting together a sinking fund with this money. I'm a foster parent and thus far the placements I've taken have come with almost nothing to wear. I am still with my first placement. Hopefully as time goes on this won't be such a big amount as I build up a stock of clothing in different sizes. Tomorrow will be spent at church and then having lunch at my parent's house. So it should be great day. I will have to fill up my car with gas but other than that and stopping by the store to pick up the last two items I should be able to avoid spending. I will also be stopping by the bank and picking up the cash for the other two envelopes. Then tomorrow evening will be finishing up laundry, making dinner, and prepping for Monday morning (packing a lunch, picking out clothes for all of us and gathering everything I need to take in with me.) And on a bright note, my cousin's little girl is over tonight while her parents are out celebrating their anniversary with dinner and a movie and she and my girls were very good all night. And my girls went to be without fussy that she wasn't going to be at the same time. That being said, we had a completely un-healthy meal tonight of chicken nuggets and fries. But it was worth it to avoid the dinner time fights about eating usually I wouldn't allow junk food two nights in a row but I really wanted a nice comfortable meal without any stress (we had fish sticks and chips last night.) Here's to hoping tomorrow goes as well. I think I'm going to keep posting daily for a while at least until I get more solid on being frugal. It seems to be helping as I keep asking myself if I really want to post that I have already fallen off the wagon (I really wanted ot procastinate on adding my debt.) Good night all.
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