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  1. When we smell smoke, it's usually coming from outside because a neighbor is using their fireplace.
  2. I understand completely. It's been months since we bought new knobs for our kitchen cupboards. But first I need to clean the cupboards/recondition them. Oh, and get new screws, since the ones they came with are too long. I blamed the holidays for not getting to it. Christmas is over, so now I'll blame St. Patrick's Day! ;-) It's the same with sewing curtains. I need to get my sewing machine cleaned/fixed first, but the sewing cabinet is covered with papers. So instead, I've launch a full purge in my sewing room/home office. Meanwhile that bolt of fabric has been leaning up against the corner o
  3. {{Hugs}} That is a bad news/good news report. We've all been worried and thinking about you, so thank you for sharing the results. May I suggest you get a second opinion about surgery. These days there are other options to deal with fibroids besides a hysterectomy. One of them is cutting off the blood supply to the fibroid(s) so it dies a natural death, preserving your reproductive organs. Since cancer is not apparent at this time, it doesn't hurt to take a little more time to find out what other treatment options you might have. And have a female gyn oncologist take a look at your results.
  4. I assume there isn't a basement, so the trenches might be for the footings/sills. Then the foundation floor will be poured in the center.
  5. That is only true, gmarie, if one can get through BS2 in two years. Otherwise, Dave suggests starting up retirement.
  6. Yes, it will work out. Feel relieved that you are in good hands and they will fix whatever is wrong.
  7. Hugs to you. All will be well once this procedure is done.
  8. Again, you haven't read what he's put her thru. Being greedy is the last thing she could be accused of. This man gets no sympathy from any of us. Who cares what he thinks or feels.
  9. Perhaps you haven't read the other posts about what Freedom's husband has put her through, both while they were together and since they've separated. If you did you would realize that she doesn't owe him ANYTHING. He punished her for years. Karma is a bitch.
  10. She owes her ex NOTHING. File separately.
  11. GreatLakesGirl

    School ramblings

    Just asking. It sounds like you're trying to do much. A school teacher is not trying to teach more than one grade at a time.
  12. I agree that your lawyer sounds fantastic! Go get 'em! I'd love to be there to see the look on your husband's face when he gets the papers. ;-)
  13. Do you have renter's insurance? I would add the ring on to it. A jewelry rider shouldn't cost that much. Perhaps when the divorce is all settled, you can sell the ring and take a lovely vacation. I think I've said this before, but being married doesn't guarantee being a parent. My husband and I were not able to have children. It is the biggest regret of my life. But one can find happiness anyway and have a wonderful life. Happiness is a choice that one makes every day. Seasonal affected disorder is a real thing, so this winter may have you depressed for that reason, too. This
  14. GreatLakesGirl

    School ramblings

    Have you had any more thoughts about some of your children going to public schools?
  15. You did understand my question; thanks.
  16. What an adorable angel.
  17. Can you adjust your withholding so you're not waiting for tax season to add extra income?
  18. Don't forget to add your payments to our BS2 Payments thread.
  19. I need to do the same with my closets.
  20. I agree. I'm so happy that you have a law firm that will do the fighting for you. Now call your parents to tell them about the surgery.
  21. If you click on your name on the top right of the page, click on "My Content."
  22. GreatLakesGirl


    Vacation means being away in body and spirit. Both need a rest, so please unplug.
  23. GreatLakesGirl

    What a week

    My "golden" birthday was when I was 16. But honestly, I have never heard of making a big deal or spending more money because of it. Don't use it as an excuse to spend money better used for something else.
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