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  1. Re blog posts, I just scroll down and look for the black dot that tells me there's something new to read. But however you want to do it will be fine with the rest of us. Good luck.
  2. Sometimes counselors and psychiatrists work in the same practice so one can provide meds to the other therapists' patients. Our niece is a child psychiatrist and is in this kind of practice.
  3. My car payments on my brand new car are less than I spent for service on my old car. I know you're working toward a newer car and I hope you get there soon. It gets to the point that you're just throwing good money after bad.
  4. Obviously you've never siphoned water with nothing more than a hose and your mouth. You don't need a pump. LOL
  5. Can't you just buy an inexpensive tube of hosing and siphon the water from the washer to the drain sink?
  6. I'm remembering a bit of your story and the boundary issues you had with your mom and sisters. Is there a significant other in your life that you're pursuing IVF with?
  7. Levi is adorable. I thought you were already seeing a therapist. Perhaps she could refer you to a psychiatrist.
  8. Isn't the realtor usually the one who puts out fresh flowers, cookies, etc.?
  9. Cookies might work better than cupcakes--better for people to grab and eat and less messy as long as doesn't make chocolate chip which can fall on the carpet and stain it.
  10. Good for you, hiss on them.
  11. No buying dinner for adult children, especially when they out earn you.
  12. There should be sleep away camp for adult women. Crafts, canoeing, and cocktails on the lake at sunset.
  13. Once you get to a balance of just a couple of thousand left to pay off, you'll be pulling the pictures off the wall to sell. Go baby, go!
  14. I am so happy and understand your conflicted feelings. I had them after leaving the same boss I'd had for more than 25 years. It kind of felt like getting a divorce. However, my last day was one of the happiest of my life. Most of us have seen that over the last few decades, the loyalty with an employer only goes one way. You must always do what is right for you, whatever that looks like. Yay for starting the next chapter of your life. Enjoy it to the max.
  15. A friend of mine has her house on the market. They didn't list it until after they moved to their new house, after which the painters come in. I'm sure the staging is professionally done. The photos online make it look like a fabulous model home.
  16. We looked at hundreds of houses before making an offer on ours. I wouldn't assume that everyone who looks is interested enough to email or that an agent would ignore an email.
  17. Today is Monday. How could it be too late to have an open house this coming weekend?
  18. When I bought my new car in 2012, my payments were less than what I'd spent on maintenance of my old car. At some point throwing good money after bad just doesn't make sense. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you can get the savings for a new vehicle accumulated sooner rather than later. Talk to the manager of your real estate broker. If your agent isn't performing, can you to threaten to cancel the contract due to lack of performance?
  19. Do you have a Plan B for the wedding in case of bad weather?
  20. Since they're staff kids, can you find time to sit down with the parent and discuss the behavior problem and things he/she can do at home to change it?
  21. The only person who let anyone down is your husband. He let you down by breaking his vows to love, honor, and cherish you until death-due-you-part. When he failed to do that, you had no choice but to hit the reset button. You are the star of your life and must live it as such. Don't we all want the heroine or leading lady in a movie to have a happy ending? Of course, we do. Why shouldn't you have a happy ending, too. Get rid of the guy who did you wrong. That makes you available to the great guy who is just waiting to meet a wonderful, charming, caring woman with an adorable puppy. M
  22. How old are they? Are they that immature that they don't understand the legality of contracts?
  23. GreatLakesGirl


    Well, who could resist that furry bundle of cuteness. He's adorable.
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