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  1. Ladybug, it's great to have goals but don't let them district you from mission #1 -- finishing your project. It's easy to allow ourselves to get sidetracked when we are accomplishing something worthwhile even though it's not the most critical thing we need to be doing. Stay focused on completing your project and the rest will follow when that is done.
  2. Congratulations on the new rental property,
  3. Carrie, I love Plinda's idea. You and your husband could design and embellish those sheds and then sell them. Some could be for children's playhouses, others for garden sheds or writing/artist studios. With his woodworking skills, your husband could make shutters, window boxes, or cuppolas for them.
  4. Sarah Richardson buys a lot of vintage furniture that she brings up to date through reupholstery, painting, new hardware, etc. if you are not familiar with her, she is an interior designer in Toronto who has a number of shows on HGTV -- Design, Inc., Sarah 101, and Sarah's House. I love her style. This past Monday morning, there was a marathon of Sarah 101. Next Monday one of her other shows will be run for several hours. Check out her web page as well as the HGTV site, where you might be able to watch episodes online.
  5. I haven't bought the version of TurboTax to do our 2012 taxes yet. It will take awhile for them to incorporate all the tax changes that Congress just passed.
  6. I honestly do not think you need to include it anywhere on your tax return. My husband inherited between $80,000 and $90,000 from his dad and did not have to pay federal or state taxes on it.
  7. The taxes should have been paid by the estate, not you. You should consult with a CPA or lawyer who specializes in estate law.
  8. Sounds like you've drawn up a good plan.
  9. It sounds like a great year for you. And you have a baby to show for it!
  10. Good luck, it sounds great. I would move #6 to the top position, however, since that should come before everything else. It's sort of getting a map before a road trip.
  11. Great idea. Last year my sister-in-law and her husband hired a handyman (who works as a team with his wife) to tackle a long list of projects around their house. Although they don't want to sell now, they wanted to be ready to sell should the need or whim arise. It's amazing how many little projects crop up around a house -- our list is quite long. Good luck finishing up the painting and anything else by mid-February.
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