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  1. That's disappointing. Because of clouds, we missed the lunar eclipse last month.
  2. Can you just help her with reading at home rather than taking over her entire education?
  3. What I'm hearing is a "welfare" mentality in their attitude, i.e. that it is someone else's responsibility--in this case yours--to take care of them. Sorry if your mother didn't raise them right or they didn't get the message, but grown adults are responsible for taking care of themselves. That means getting an education and a job that provides money to pay for their needs. It doesn't mean leaching off of family members or off the government. You are on the right path and need to cut your ties with them. I'm sorry if that is harsh but they need to wake up and smell the coffee (that they'v
  4. Good luck. Having a plan for where you want to be is a huge advantage to getting there.
  5. Phew! Good thing there isn't an HOA in San Francisco--all the colorful Victorians (a.k.a. "Painted Ladies") would be beige.
  6. City/suburbs/country; New England, the Eastern Seaboard, the South, The Upper Midwest (woot woot), the Plains states, the Rocky Mountain states, the Pacific Northwest, the Desert Southwest, the Alaskan wilderness, and the Hawaiian tropics: one size does not fit all. So it's no wonder that what works for one doesn't seem comfortable to another. What's amazing is that--even though we're all individuals with different ancestral and cultural traditions--we can all live under the same flag of our great county.
  7. I think the main difference is whether you live in a city or a suburb. The latter has subdivisions with HOAs. Cities usually do not.
  8. Oh, I mostly agree with you. But dictating window coverings is a bridge too far for me. No HOAs for me.
  9. Mom, I am with you. As it is, my urban town has so many requirements for renovations, fences, etc., that you can barely sneeze or pass gas without first getting a permit. I'm a strong advocate for private property.
  10. My brother-in-law is 75 and still works full-time. I don't understand that. Life is more than just working for someone else until you fall into the grave.
  11. Books are heavy. That's why they get packed in small boxes when moving. My first set of particle board bookcases fell apart after too much use. After that I bought some nice wood ones from Ethan Allen. However, I still try not to overstuff them.
  12. I'm glad that you have this hurdle behind you. {{hugs}} Medical experts agree that women should not have more than one alcoholic drink a day. Use that as your guide.
  13. GreatLakesGirl

    My stressful day

    I'm cleaning my drains with baking soda and vinegar (you can find the recipe online at Pinterest or via Google). That might help clear up your pipes.
  14. GreatLakesGirl

    My stressful day

    I'm sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he feels better soon. Did you try cleaning the dishwasher filter. I know ours can get coated with gunk. I have a reminder in my calendar to clean it the first of every month, but it could really stand to be cleaned twice a month.
  15. I hope you schedule a couple of massages for yourself among all those dates. Your body will need them.
  16. I am so very sorry and can only imagine how worried you are about her. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers.
  17. We have always had full coverage on our vehicles. Even if the value isn't much, it at least gives you some money to get a replacement car in case of theft, accident, or weather damage.
  18. I've seen a therapist twice--well worth the money. Recognizing that your problems are overwhelming and you need help with them is a sign of strength. I'm proud of you. {{hugs}}
  19. I have heard that airlines have discontinued bereavement pricing.
  20. Congratulations on both transactions.
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