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  1. Welcome back. Best wishes as you work to achieve each of your goals.
  2. I think you are doing great. DH and I do what you’re doing—have different savings “buckets” for different purposes. It keeps us focused on what goals we still need to work on.
  3. Thank you so much for sharing your roller coaster ride of the last several years. I know firsthand how medical issues can flip your life 180 degrees. It’s kind of shocking, isn’t it. (I have been dealing with cancer since July 2019.). The coronavirus and Covid-19 has given all of us who are older and/or have underlying health issues anxiety about our vulnerability if we become infected. So please know that you are not alone. And having a supportive partner makes everything more bearable. As you regain more stability in your personal and work lives, what goals will you be setting for yourself that this group can help you achieve—either with advice or accountability? Wishing you all the best, and also your mother.
  4. For those of us who are seniors and have cancer or heart disease (me and DH) or other health issues, this virus is a life and death matter. We won’t even get into the $200k we’ve lost in our retirement accounts the past two weeks. Lots of people are worrying about their small businesses failing or losing their jobs and health benefits. This is about a lot more than a paid staycation.
  5. I meant to write that the pest company heated my in-laws house to 400 degrees to get rid of the bugs. Ick all around!
  6. My brother-in-law did an overnight sleep study and brought home bedbugs. His wife is DH’s sister and she told me she was ready to burn down their house. They had to evacuate and take oil paintings and candles with them (so they didn’t melt) and stay in a hotel, because the pest people heated the interior of the house to 104 degrees or so to kill all the bugs. Makes my skin crawl to think about it.
  7. GreatLakesGirl


    Who are you asking?
  8. Phew, glad Murphy moved on since he was camped at our house in March. But I'm sorry he's taken up residence with you.
  9. GreatLakesGirl


    p.s. last week we received a new, clear title to DH’s car from the DMV—just a couple weeks after paying off the balance 19 months early!
  10. GreatLakesGirl


    Exactly! It wasn’t until I created a budget on an Excel spreadsheet with columns for budget & actual for each month that we made real headway. I could enter our expenditures every day and play with debt payments to see how quickly I could pay them off. (I put the debt totals at the bottom and linked them to the payments in the budget.)
  11. How's your progress on the painting and decluttering going?
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