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  1. Cletc

    We were lazy

    So true! What you listed as the "lesson learned" is pretty much the answer that comes to my mind when people post in the forums..."how do you stick to it" ... because the alternative is less-tolerable! Keep up your good efforts! Even small incremental improvements....over time...yield grand results!
  2. Cletc

    Back in the saddle

    I'm a canner, and I have the Kia Rio canner..... but ....it puts-up food nicely enough. but I'm glad you got the Rolls Royce! :-) I'm jealous! haha
  3. Oh, lots of testing. Hang in there. You're doing great Re-filling the BEF is *not* stopping momentum...it *is* the momentum -- you were supposed to do it and you did it. DR is about working the plan, not about keeping a BEF or having a snowball. The Plan includes spending-BEF and refilling-BEF Keep it up :-)
  4. Cletc

    Almost there!

    Nice to hear from you! It's okay to feel guilty!!...!... As long as you realize exactly what you are "guilty of." Did you make responsible and appropriate plans and carry them through for yourself and son? Yes? Then that's a good thing to be "guilty of" :-) Feel "guilty" of that. You're doing great so far :-)
  5. Great job of tackling November !! We are in BS-2 an I pay my payments the day after the statement closes. I prefer to pay "early" (soon) also :-)
  6. Good going with the Make-at-home, use-it-up :-) After a few times, yeast isn't scary at all. You're doing great! :-)
  7. I taught writing the letters according to stroke. starting with the 8 c's make a half-circle , from top to bottom. c then add other stroke as needed the 8 c's are c a d g o q e s e is the line first left to write, and then up and around for a c the s is a little mini-c and then back around Next group, vertical lines i j l t f Then the curves r m n h u Then the left-to-right downstrokes v y w Then the right-to-left downstrokes x z k Last group is the backward-c b p Just a little FYI for anyone with little ones :-) We got years of use with our Time Timer also http://www.timetimer.com/
  8. Great attitude and plan. I like your suggestions for youself :-)
  9. Congrats on being organized! I do the same thing, pay the monthly minimums and bills before the month begins. I like it! :-)
  10. Good for your pre-planning for college. We didn't and yes it was very pricey. That ended for us just recently, and now we are into BS-2, at our ages!
  11. Cletc

    YNAB - June is funded!

    Great going with the YNAB. If ya'll haven't heard me say it several times already, I'm a BigFan of YNAB and we use a Lot of line items and categories. Very Nifty! I hope you like YNAB
  12. Thanks for leaving it up from December. Nice to see a long list to help me plan :-)
  13. That's great news isn't it! Thanks for sharing!
  14. I was just thinking...... I have a bad case of "Want-itis" also. I ..want.. to be Debt-Free !!! Just a way to give in to our Want-itis -- to want the Right Thing in the first place
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