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  1. CONGRATULATIONS! The 3 Month FFEF , imho, is harder than Baby Step 2! So again Congratulations for hanging in there and all the best Success in the Future.
  2. Roy

    Aye Corona(virus)

    To help keep all this in perspective, a friend of mine was speaking with a 90+ year old World War II Vet. He says he was sorry what everyone is going through at the moment. But it's nothing compared to what they had to go through in the 1940's during World War 2. We are being quarantined to our couches in our homes, they were being sent off to war. Not to mentioning all the rationing going on back in the day. I think what is going on now is a small taste of what our Parents, Grand Parents and now Great Grand Parents had to endure during the great war. I am not complaining so much anymore
  3. Welcome Jonnarenae to LLNOE!

    Feel free to ask questions at any time, don't be shy!

  4. Happy Birthday Miranova!

  5. Hi Buddy, get well SOON! You can bet this stroke!

    1. pcmedic


      Thank you. I posted an update on the forum

  6. Roy

    It's been a crazy two years.

    Andy, welcome back. WOW is all I can say really. I am sorry all that happened to you. As I was reading I keep thinking of David (King David, of the Bible). Lets pray all the past 2 years will, in time, be a blessing to you and to others that you come across in your life. Welcome, back, we have missed you here.
  7. Roy

    13 weeks, 1 day

  8. When it comes to things like this, I do not want to count on my "feelings", my "feelings" can get me into a lot of trouble. I believe lets take this to the source the Holy Bible and what God has to say. For those that believe tithing is Mosaic law, you might go back to the Old Testament as well as What Paul say's about Abraham. Paul mentions in Hebrews Chapter 7:1-12 where he speaks of the Old Testament king and priest Melchizedec (who some Bibical Scholars believes Melchizedec to be the prefigure of Jesus), who blessed Abraham upon Abraham's return from victory over a confederation of
  9. Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey, or Financial Peace University (FPU)? No? Then before signing up to be a member of LivingLikeNoOneElse.com please go over to www.DaveRamsey.com and learn all you can about what his personal financial plan is all about. Maybe you listen to Dave Ramsey on his radio show, maybe you have read one of Dave Ramseys books on personal finance or even his book on how to run a business his way, maybe you have attended FPU in the past or attending now or been to a Dave Ramsey LIVE Event. And you are looking for "like minded individuals" that will help you in you
  10. Sorry to hear of your loss on Fathers day. And yes, this is one of the very good reasons for an Emergency Fund. You have enough grief in your life as it is so just going to get the cash is one less worry. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Many of us have and are working very hard to win our financial independence from debt. But on this date in 1836 a group of men, 59 delegates to the historic convention signed another type of declaration of Independence. You see, 49 current states that or part of the current United States were annexed into the good old USA. However Texas was the only Country that was annexed into the USA by Treaty and without war elected to be be part of the USA in 1845 and officially becoming a state in 1846. Also during this time Santa Anna with his army of nearly 5000 was in siege of the famous Alamo
  12. Roy

    Just Testing

    I am just testing the blog posting
  13. Way to go, LLNOE now so you can LLNOE later.
  14. Roy


    Well if you need to borrow my boots for the "kicking" just let me know. Hang in there you can do this!
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