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  1. Well, I'm back again. It's been about 3 years since I last visited here, but about 6 years since my last blog post apparently. What have we been doing since then? A Recap since 2015 (please see also other two intros for more info about us): Still married, celebrated 10 years of marriage Sept 2020 No kids yet but working on it currently Just a cat as well, no other pets yet. We are in a rental house right now, will start saving for a house next year (are going for the 100% down plan) Still have $20k of debt left to pay off so still in BS2 but that's ok. We're more 'Dave-ish' and that's ok for us. DH has remained in same job since 2015 as a bus driver in Seattle. He is very happy where he is and is looking to move up to the next level (Supervisor) by the end of this year. He also volunteers for his union. As far as hobbies goes, has started a successful Minecraft youtube channel, is active in his Discord server, and is looking forward to when we set up the craft room this summer so that he can set up his Lego builds again. He's a lifelong Lego enthusiast, we have half a closet floor to ceiling of boxed legos. He'll get a dedicated shelving unit for legos as well as the tops of 7 shelving units to display his builds. I left my job in 2016 to move to another job, and stayed there for 3.5 years. Left in Dec. 2019 to be come fully self-employed. Surprisingly, that worked out very well for us when the pandemic came along as I was already WFH full-time. Thankful we have been able to weather through this storm. Both of us are fully vaccinated as well and are cautiously spending time with family again, inside and outside our home. I keep busy during the day working through Amazon Mechanical Turk and starting my yarn business (building up inventory now). Had two surgeries. Gallbladder removed in Feb 2017 and PRK (eye surgery) in Mar 2018. Still experiencing issues with not having a gallbladder (genetic side effect), one of the big reasons I'm not working outside the home. The other big reason is mental health, I was being bullied and teased to the point I'd rather have my cat as my coworker than work with other people, could not deal with stress while potentially pregnant, and would rather be my own boss than deal with the awful BS I've dealt with in my 18 year working career outside the home). Plus staying at home to raise my children will provide a better future for me than continuing to work with difficult people. My in-laws are also retired (ages 63 and 64) and are looking forward to potentially traveling with us in future years - they love to cruise. My parents have 20 months before they will retire (ages 68 and 64), looking forward to spending time with grandchildren and working on hobbies. Our siblings are treading water but we all could be doing better. Goals for 2021: Pregnancy? Pay off all debt - $20k to go Set up craft room Continue to build up inventory for an October 2021 soft opening on Etsy Go to Disneyland in December if open for out-of-state residents Save $10k for future baby/maternity Save our Efund 3 months $15k Save for DH car - his is on it's last legs, mine is as well but we'll save for that next year most likely Goals for this week: Post next Friday 5/21 with update here Fully clean living room Any snowflakes earned will go towards my smallest credit card (current balance $1435, 0% interest ending Sept 2021) Happy to be back. Thanks for reading!
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