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  1. Quick update to anyone who reads this ... I've decided to just post bi-weekly on Fridays after payday instead of weekly, since we'll see more movement in our account on those days. For this past Friday though, no snow was thrown, we are quite a bit below our buffer and will most likely be in the same situation next week as well after payday, but will update then to let everyone know how we're doing. I've not been able to make as much as we're dealing with some family issues right now.
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  2. Well, it's about four years later, and we did hit $150k in retirement! "Life" certainly has happened but everything is performing well which helped get us here. I wanted to do another break down: $31,288 in my Roth $42,386 in dh's Roth $9,323 in old IRA $69,720 in my 403b $152,717 total I also have $4.951 in my HSA. Mortgage is $38k right now.
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  3. I keep track of yearly totals in all of those accounts. It's encouraging to see growth year after year. Even in a down year where things stay pretty flat, usually the next few years do more than make up for it and that mortgage will be gone in no time. Great work!
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  4. Again another older post. There is no way a post like this on Facebook, or Twitter (and other big tech social sites) could ever exist for very long (unless you were supporting the narrative of the day). You had freedom here to speak what was on your mind. This should have tremendous value. If you are in a position to help support this site would you consider it? We do not make YOU the product here, we do not sell or mine your data for any reason(like big tech), we do not make money off advertising on the site, the site gets no outside financing at all other from myself, and the awesome supporters of this site. If you are in a position to contribute to help the site stay online, please visit this post for details , or better yet you can go to the special Donation Page I have set up for donations to LLNOE at this URL: Donate.LivingLikeNoOneElse.com
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  5. We all have times like that when we have to push "pause" on some of our gazelle goals, but the most important thing is not to get discouraged and to keep looking ahead to the "far horizon" where things will be better.
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  6. Looking forward to seeing your journey. This is a great place to be encouraged and also receive guidance when needed!
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  7. Welcome back. Best wishes as you work to achieve each of your goals.
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