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    September was a good month, even though I spent a bit on new furniture and still haven’t gotten my desk, or the reimbursement for it. I need to get the desk and send my boss a picture before I can be reimbursed, and it was ordered (and paid for) in August but it’s shipping internationally and still hasn’t arrived! But wow, it feels good to just be able to buy the thing with savings and not even have to worry about floating it on a card while I wait for reimbursement! In happier news, it was 3 pay month in Sept, and I’ve got over $7k in my EF now! I was actually just shy of that milestone when I did my budget, so I went back and moved $10 from my clothing budget to my EF. I don’t really need much in the way of clothes right now anyway. I want some leggings and cozy sweaters, but I don’t need anything. I find I spend a lot less on clothes now that I don’t go to the office! I am glad that I have been putting $ away for travel. I have started planning to visit my family for Christmas and it’s looking like there will still be a 14 day isolation period to visit Atlantic Canada. So that’s going to be a pricy Airbnb. I can’t isolate at my parent’s place because they would need to isolate too and they work, plus we would likely kill each other. Again, I am so grateful to have savings so I can just pay for it.
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