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  1. Well this is my third weekly update, things seem to be going pretty well. I am finding that the more I focus on getting back on track with my finances other things seem to be shaping up. My house is actually starting to be presentable. I've made some progress on getting the kitchen back to the point that I enjoy cooking in it and the kids are super excited that I am cooking again rather than eating out all the time. Hopefully my laundry will follow suit, I have a goal of finishing up the current laundry today. It is sorted all over my living room floor so I should be motivated to get it c
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  2. Oh, they aren't still there, that was just so we could see them all at once and declutter! They are almost all been put away in the closet and with the costume clothes. We did leave a few pairs out in the front hall, mostly in the shoe tray. Our main closet now has shoes on the floor and on milk crates, they are all neat and out of the way. Plus they don't get in the way of anything we actually do in the closet!
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  3. You are such a great inspiration. Keep up the great work. There are others who would throw their hands up in the air.
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  4. Yeah, DH and I both have foot issues and he has difficulty finding his size. He wears a 13W. When we go to stores often we'll be lucky if they even have a pair of that size in a style he likes! Also he has flat feet. I have normal sized feet, but shoes often hurt, so when I find shoes that feel good I do tend to hold onto them! Largely what I threw away was shoes that were worn completely out. One of them was my favorite pair, I could stand in those shoes all day with no pain! I might replace those if I get a job that requires me to stand all day again.
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  5. I would avoid the treated wood for gardening. Better to replace more often than to have the heavy metals leach into your soil. It's recommended when working with treated lumber to wear gloves and a mask, and to wash hands frequently. Doesn't sound that safe to me!
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