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The Purpose of LLNOE


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Have you ever heard of Dave Ramsey, or Financial Peace University (FPU)? No? Then before signing up to be a member of LivingLikeNoOneElse.com please go over to www.DaveRamsey.com and learn all you can about what his personal financial plan is all about.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER - LivingLikeNoOneElse.com is not affiliated in any way to Dave Ramsey or Dave Ramsey.com or any other of the Lampo Group holdings in any way. The statements made on this site are the opinions of each poster and does not in any way reflect on the Lampo Group or Dave Ramsey.


Maybe you listen to Dave Ramsey on his radio show, maybe you have read one of Dave Ramseys books on personal finance or even his book on how to run a business his way, maybe you have attended FPU in the past or attending now or been to a Dave Ramsey LIVE Event. And you are looking for "like minded individuals" that will help you in your walk with this plan, that will laugh with you, cry with you, and slap you with a wet noodle when needed, aka be held accountable. Well if you are you are in the right place.


You MUST be a member of this site (no charge) in order to participate, even if reading is all your going to do. While this is a public site, we do limit the access to only members and that includes the search engines. We want you to feel comfortable here to discuss your financial matters and this plan and how it affects you.


If you are here just to socialize, you might try a better avenue for that like Facebook or Twitter, while we welcome socialization on the site, that is NOT LivingLikeNoOneElse's primary purpose, the primary purpose is to help YOU remain accountable to the lessons taught and learned in Financial Peace University (aka Total Money Make Over)


Also keep in mind while this is not a Christian site per say, it is run by Christian's, non-Christain's are more than welcome here, but understand we sometimes quote Bible verses, say things like Merry Christmas, and understand the true meaning of Easter. If any of that offends you, it might be best to move on, if it doesn't we welcome you and you're more than welcome to wish others Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyouse Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays and no one will get insulted.

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We wouldn't be where we are today financially without the encouragement, good ideas, and accountability that we find here at LLNOE. I am thankful for the site, and for each person who contributes in such open, honest, transparent ways so that we all grow together.

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