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      Hi and welcome to LLNOE. What step are you on? How did you hear about Dave Ramsey's steps? What can we do to help?

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  4. I think just Roy and he's busy with the house sale. Dorothy was admin too if she pops in.
  5. I reported that post several days ago. Not sure if anyone is reading the reports....
  6. Thanks for your inspiration. I too am working on my FFEF, lets flex that savings muscle.
  7. Thank you all for the encouragement! September is a three pay month, and I just did the budget for tomorrow’s cheque- I will have two months in my EF once I make tomorrow’s savings transfers! And even though I bought a desk (being reimbursed by work, but no idea how long that will take, so it’s budgeted!) I will still have over 10K Total in my savings accounts!
  8. It's unbelievable right! When the mortgage is gone and those numbers continue to climb you'll be amazed at the progress!
  9. We did it! We've hit $100k in retirement. I want to keep track of these numbers: $47,792 in my 403b $19,324 in my Roth $25,838 in dh's Roth $7,073 in dh's old IRA Mortgage balance is $53k
  10. Yup, exactly what we do.
  11. We have all our sinking funds in one account too. I have a spreadsheet showing how much is for vacation, how much is for car repair/replacement, how much for Christmas, how much for home repair/replacement, etc. but it is good to know that money could be reallocated (less into vacation, more to car repair, etc.) if need be.
  12. Yes!!! You can really start piling up money once you're through Step #3!! Keep on keepin' on!!
  13. starchyk, you are exercising that important "saving muscle" and will reach your goals.
  14. That is great! And honestly once you add a Roth IRA it adds another level of protection although ideally you'll never touch it. Good job staying focused, the faster you get through BS3 the faster you get to a step where your money can work for you so you won't have to someday!
  15. I think you are doing great. DH and I do what you’re doing—have different savings “buckets” for different purposes. It keeps us focused on what goals we still need to work on.
  16. I haven’t been as intense as I should be on BS3... I have been here for over a year and still don’t have a full FFEF. Lots of reasons, but I AM saving, and I am never going back into debt! My FFEF goal is 17,500, which would be 6 months of bare bones expenses. I want to reach 3 months, or 8,750 by the end of this year. However, I hit a milestone this week: I have just over $5000 in my EF savings account! Whoo-hoo! And looking at my budget I have a total of over $10,000 in my “short term” savings category (which is my EF plus my sinking funds - travel, gifts/Christmas, and big purchases.) realizing that in a true emergency I could draw on the sinking funds to get by gives me such a feeling of security! I also have an investment account for down payment savings that could in a worst case scenario be liquidated- it’s just over $11k right now! So I guess I actually do have 6+months available to me, even if I haven’t named it my EF. I do still plan to build up the FFEF account to $17,500, because I know I need $ named just for emergencies, but realizing I have lots of options Even while I am getting there gives me a ton of peace.
  17. @kelvan80 That is so sad. Thank you for sharing. @DebtBgone I will add that one to my Audible wishlist!
  18. At the beginning of COVID, I did Daniel DeFoe's book, A Journal of the Plague Year as an audiobook. It is fictional, but he was 5 years old in 1665 during the bubonic plague and published the account in 1722. I can't tell you how many similarities there were, so much of it could have been published today in the newspaper word for word as today's news.
  19. kelvan80

    Aye Corona(virus)

    My great grandfather died in the 1918 flu. He was a firefighter in St Louis and my great grandmother was 6 months pregnant with my grandma at the time. They cremated him before she even knew he'd passed. Luckily my grandma was always a fighter. I got that from her.
  20. So a couple of years ago, I read a book called "Get Well Soon" by Jennifer Wright (well, actually, I listened to the audiobook on my commute) and it was about all the plagues in history... I keep thinking about that book as we live through COVID, and that the handling(such as it is) of this plague will be looked on in decades to come, the way she looked back on the handling of plagues back then. I may actually go back and listen to some of that book again. I am trying to remember if the 1918 plague was in it. It's been a couple years.
  21. I agree, something historical is truly happening during our life time here. So many similarities to The Plague, really.
  22. fpmomma

    Aye Corona(virus)

    Our local genealogical society is urging everyone to keep a simple journal of these times.
  23. I have been typing up interviews my mom did with WWII survivors and have found it very interesting. Someday, my grandkids (should I be blessed with any) may ask about my experiences in the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. So strange to be living in a moment you know will make history.
  24. It's just DH and me in our household, and we have been alone except for an occasional drop-by of our DS who lives about 40 miles away, since early March. I have been fine with the solitude, because I am by nature that kind of person, but we had a quick visit this week from our DD and her family (includes a 4yo, 2yo, and 3mo who we had not met). When they left the house seemed so quiet and lonely--I cried for an hour. Then, I straightened up, washed sheets and towels, and now I am back to enjoying the quiet but I have sweet memories and pictures to enjoy.
  25. I both miss having alone time AND miss having time with people outside my home. I love my husband and my teenager so much, of course. But the lack of ever being alone, AND the lack of new interactions... it's been a long four months and who knows how much longer it will go on... things are getting worse, not better, here in Texas.
  26. Hey MoonBaby! Funny how we all come back! I am just popping in for a quick read but saw your post and wanted to say hi. I am glad that you have a new love. If I remember, you were dealing with quite a bit with your former. Someone that understands and supports you is life-changing for your mental health and outlook on life. (I went through a divorce a and am in a new relationship and it is night and day.) Congrats on coming back and getting back to it. One bite at a time. I use (ok, off and on if I am honest) YNAB and love it. I have the old version that isn't a monthly fee so it is no longer supported and doesn't have some of the new things.
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