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Getting started



Its been a long time since I have done a blog. Figured this would be the best way for me to get my thoughts out about this Journey we are taking to get "Debt Free".


First off, I have ran the numbers and if we stick to it we can be out of BS2 by the end of 2014. Yes that would be a great Christmas gift for ourselves.


Huband says he is on board but I am not so sure. He will make comments that make me feel like I am the only one wanting to do this. He is still talking about going on a snowmobling trip even though I have explained we don't have the money and we are not putting it on a Card. He is talking about the BEF $ we already have as a "slush fund". He also over uses his debit card. I will pay the bills that we have agreed on paying and tell him he has this much for gas and blow. When I go to balance his checking account I find he is going over both and into the money saved in there for the next round of bills that I will pay when he gets paid again. (How the bills line up I have to save money from one check to cover all expenses on the next check). When I talk to him about this he agrees to get better and not go over next time but he does. He will also just pay a bill before talking to me about it, example: rental drier had to be fixed, the guy went and was told to bill us. DH stopped in the store that fixed it a few days later to pick up something for the house and figured while he was in there he would just pay the rental dryer bill. There was not money in the account for it. Thankfully some of the BEF is in that account. I was going to budget it with the rent we would get from them on the 1st and the store is ok with this as they know we pay it then. (still working on the BEF for the rentals, going to issues with banks and refinancing them so every penny of the rent is currently used for either payments or interest on loans). So you see where he is not on board but will say he is?


Some positive: Christmas has been totally all cash!!! I set up envelopes with each person's name on them with the cash we budgeted for each person in the envelope. So when I am out of cash in the envelope that person is done. So this has caused some delays at the registers as I do each person seperate for checking out. I have had many people ask about my envelopes and said its a wonderful idea and that they will have to do that next year. I also had one person (cashier) tell me they were an envelope person too and loved it. This also has helped for me to know when I am done with a person. That envelope gets put up at home and I don't have to wonder if I got everythign for them.


We are only a few $200 away from a FF BEF YAH!!! I am finding any little bit I put in there adds up.


Just when you feel you are going under and money is tight something works out. My Husbands check was alittle smaller this past week due to them only working 7 hour days instead of 8 due to slower production and not overtime. I got a bonus from my work for $240, just about what his check was missing. Then I have an extra bill due this month and extra gas needed due to alot of out of town Wrestling meets the past few weeks but when I called to pay the electric bill I find out its $40 less thanks to a rebate the company was giving out. I also got a $23 bonus from a part time job I do. So with both the extra bill and gas are covered. YAH!!! Now to cover the gas I have had to cover the expenses for Christmas dinner? Hope I get the $25 gas card that my Gas station job gives out every year. If not then I will have to come up with something to sell or pick up another shift at the station.


If you are still reading sorry for the rambling but want to get all my thought out and stuff what was bothering me. Feel better writing it down.


Thanks for reading.

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Would DH agree to putting the debit cards away just for at least one month to see what kind of progress you could make? If he's going over and you guys aren't communicating effectively then he needs to be willing to try something different if he's really on board.

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I will mention him putting the Debit card away. I know we have done cash for his blow money but he would run out and still use his debit card. Thinking him not having it on him would help alot.

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