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Holidays, Updates & Ramblings




I love the holidays. We've kept a pretty steady supply of egg nog in the fridge, and every evening we've developed a sort of routine. Plug in the tree & the window lights, turn everything else off, and kick back to watch something on Netflix. Or I cook dinner, while he kicks back and watches something ;)


On my wishlist lately is a crockpot. I've mentioned it to my mom, but I've also mentioned needing curtains and curtain rods (mostly for privacy and heating/cooling efficiency). So we'll see, but I can't wait to start making crock pot meals. So much easier, and I won't be serving dinner at 8pm and going to bed late because I was busy cooking.


Our fridge went crazy over Thanksgiving weekend. I don't know what happened but I suspect my sister pushed the wrong buttons and set it when she stayed over the night before Thanksgiving, because Ethan & I both didn't. But anyway, the fridge went into "demo" mode which is how they are at the appliance stores. They chime and the lights work, but no cooling happens. That's what our fridge did, but we had no idea, until Saturday night following thanksgiving. We'd been to dinner at a couple places and were living solely on leftovers. We'd been opening the fridge door, and we felt the cool, so we didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until Ethan went into the freezer that Saturday night and everything was defrosted... :(


So, rebuilding the pantry/freezer staples has been a challenge, thank God for all that leftover food we got though. The only thing we held on to was the frozen veggies, and frozen salmon fillets that were individually sealed and still frozen at the core when we made the discovery. All the sausages, ground beef, etc were completely defrosted and there was a puddle of blood at the bottom of the freezer to clean up. YUCK. My stepfather offered to buy us new meats and stuff, which was very nice of him. The stuff in the fridge was easy to sort through - it was practically empty to begin with. We tossed sour cream and such, but kept condiments and pickles/jam/jalapenos/etc jar items.


I got a holiday bonus (unexpected) last week which was super fun. After taxes it was about $215. The hospital bill is paid off! I am expecting $200 in VISA gift cards in the mail anytime now. I saw a doctor for a physical ($100) and completed a mail-in blood test thing ($100). These will probably be used on [next topic] our last-minute holiday getaway.

So this getaway is our gift to each other for Christmas, that is the plan. We'll be going to Leavenworth which is really amazing during the Christmas season. We're staying there one night and the main intent is to meet our photographer who will be out there for a week with her family in a cabin. In trying to schedule a day for our engagement shoot, she threw out the suggestion to meet her in Leavenworth while she was there. We took it, because it was a great excuse to escape for a while! We've never been there for the holiday show they do, and we loved the idea of having the shoot in the snow. Kind of a whirwind, last minute thing but I have been excited for this trip for weeks!!


The best part is I bought E's ring this week. I know he will love it because he picked it out. I love it too :) It will be sized and ready for pick up before we leave next weekend. I plan to give him his ring while we're there. He has mentioned how it's unfair that the women get an engagement ring to wear but the men have to wait until the wedding day for their band. So I figured, if he wants to wear something on his hand so much, I'll buy his wedding band early and it will serve both purposes. I was telling the lady at the jewelry store this and she said that practice is becoming increasingly common, like 1 in 4 guys gets a seperate "engagement" band or like our situation, a wedding band early. So anyway. That's all happening.


Christmas gifts were originally pretty well planned this year but I made a huge mistake. I should have started ordering online sometime after Halloween. I waited until almost Thanksgiving to buy all the crafts I'd need from Amazon. Some items are still pending delivery, and the "big" family gathering is this weekend. The in-laws family gathering was last weekend, and I made chalkboard coffee mugs using existing craft supplies for the ladies and got $1 scratch tickets for the guys inside a card. (Scratch tickets are like a big thing in his family, they love 'em so it didn't come off as cheap).

This weekend I hope to have prepared several "cookie in a jar"s for my extended family. I think they are pretty much ready to assemble, I just need to print off the directions and affix a tag to the jars (the cute tags I bought still havent arrived). Our Secret Santa recipients are shopped for, my siblings have their individual gifts, and I am done holiday shopping. Spent more than I planned, but then again I don't think I ever plan for enough! After this gathering this weekend, Christmas season will be relatively quiet for us. I am glad for that. For once I just want to spend it with my fiancee and have a quiet, alone-time Christmas with no big parties and people to mingle with :)


Financially, we are cruising along fine, but still haven't saved for an EF of any type. The way I see it - class starts in just a few weeks - if we can make it until then, I think we'll be OK! In the meantime we are still working on the envelope system for Ethan. His problem is that when he gets paid, he doesnt go to the bank and get his envelopes all ready. He just hits the ATM when convenient, makes notes on each envelope what should be in there or when something was deducted, and along the way he gets confused and mixed up about where his money went or where it should go. I may need to put my foot down and say that on payday we're going to the bank and getting the money ready before it disappears!


That's all, folks! For now. :) Loving this cute holiday theme on LLNOE!



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Leavenworth ... you live in Washington State? So do we :) We went to Leavenworth last month just for the day though. We love the Cured butcher, who was very nice. Have fun!

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