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I need to vent about a situation




Yesterday DD and I were nearly hit by a town highway vehicle. I saw it was coming down the street, knew he had a stop sign and started to cross. I realized halfway across the street he is not stopping at the sign. I stop in the middle of the street.


He stops with the front end of his truck a few feet past where I am standing.(this stop was 8-10 feet after the stop sign!!)


I walk AROUND the front of his truck to get to the sidewalk.


I called the department yesterday and emailed: the superintendent called me about it and said w/o a truck number they can't do much since the driver likely will not come forward about this issue.


I get an email about 2pm that they id'd the truck and spoke to the driver abou it.


I replied asking if he admitted to the situation. got no reply so i emailed again this am


The super called me back and said the driver said he was not that close to me and that i was not in the street!!!


I flipped and yelled at him (as i'd done yesterday) he suggested if i'd like to presue this furhter i'd need to file a police report and its he said she said


I"m so mad.... i know where i stopped (dd was asking why i stopped" i had to explian to her i did not think the drive was stopping


I can about guarantee if i'd not stopped we'd be dead!


DH is livid (he works for the town and can't believe the supervisor basically called me a liar!!


i told DH i was sorry that this may follow him through his career.. he said he does not care (and in theory it should not but i expect it too somehow)


Ordered an orange safety vest that i willl now wear on walks (i walk everywhere)



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Just to offer a different perspective. I don't see it as the supervisor calling you a liar. He wasn't there. He listened to both sides. He has no idea which one is correct. He just relayed to you what the driver said. Since your stories are different and he wasn't there, I don't really know much more he could do. Of course I believe you! But I think this outcome is really the best you were going to get. The driver isn't going to admit to something that could get him fired. Yeah, he should, but I'm not surprised that he didn't. But at the same time, it's not a total waste of your time that you called. The driver knows deep down that he did something dangerous and got called on it. Hopefully he is scared out of his mind by the event and will be more careful. Without a witness, there is not much more you can do. HUGS.

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I understand :)


I do not like the he said she said game.  


And i know that driver KNOWS what happened.. so he can take the with him whenever he's on the road.


I am now the proud owner of a bright orange safety jacket with reflective stripes.. DH went shopping last night!!!


He's very upset about this since he works for the town (different department thank goodness).  


We are grateful no one got hurt.. but it scared the heck out of me!!!


I'm over it to a point that i know there is no more to be done.  


I pray no one ever has to have that happen its terrifying!!! 

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OMG this week is NOT my week!


a pickup truck rolling through a stop sign, past the white line and through the crosswalk that I was standing in (rolled right in front of me!!!


This all the while i was in a huge orange safety jacket (think what road workers would wear) reflective yellow stripes and all!


I told DH i think my death might by by a car hitting me someday!


I see them, but they seem to not wnt to see me


I had a stroller and my white cane with red tip today too!!


I can't get much safer than that!

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Wow, very scary.


I've noticed that there seem to be much larger blind spots in cars now. In particular the area between the windshield and the driver side or passenger side windows. I think those sections are larger to hold the side airbags and they really make for large blind spots.


I was at a stop sign and an entire car coming from the right disappeared in that blind spot. I've also had two situations where people were walking and were in that blind spot. Very scary. I now make sure that I move my head to see around that blind spot every time I am turning on a crosswalk or whatever.


Very good idea to wear the orange safety vest and the flag for the stroller too.

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I wrote a "to the editor letter of our local paper"


About distracted drivers.


One of DH's co-workers read it and called him last night sayign "i see your wife is in the paper!"


DH knew i wrote it.. it made my mom tear up when i sent her a copy!


I hope the driver sees it and remembers our situation.

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As i read this two years later, it is still vivid in my mind.


Interestlying enough in Feb or so of that following year (2014) a employee of the other department asked my DH if he wanted to know who almost hit me.


DH said "No, because i like my job and would like to keep it"


That employee seemed surpirsed he did not want to know.


DH "No, don't tell me"


I fully believe that "driver" has crossed my path in the past two years and meet me in person.  And I know he knows who I am.  My husband in fact did get transferred into that department in Jan of 2015.  It did sort of follow him, as it was a concern of his old bosses.  but things seems to be fine. 

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