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woot zumba rocks




SO i started doing Zumba twice a week Oct 28th.


By nov 12th i'd lost 3 pounds

by Nov 23rd I lost 2 more


down to 149 from 154!


I"ve not been under 154 since early 2007 when nearly prego with DS!

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That's wonderful!!! Lots of weight being lost for sure. I used to do Zumba every other weekend - the cost of bootcamp is already higher than a typical gym membership so adding the per-class cost of Zumba kills me. The coolest part about Zumba is every teacher has their own style. Once you get used to one teacher, try another one for fun... They could be totally different and you'll work up a sweat just deviating from the old routine :)

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HA last week i took 4 classes with three diff instructors


The same song came on in each class and it was three different routines!!!


I love it


This week Mon: i did Zumba at 9am and Piyo at 815pm

Tuesday was errands

Today: Zumba at 9am


The Y is my best bang for my buck!


Childcare and classes for $50.75 a month (family plan)


I use 10 hrs of childcare a month minimum and take 12-15 classes a month :)


PLUS what i'll take my with boss with her Groupon coupon :) 8 classes for $20!!!

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Thursday was a lazy day :)

Friday: Zumba

Saturday: hoping to Zumba in the AM but if not i've got a lot of things to do with the packages coming (tupperware orders) online christmas shopping)

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At 147.5 pounds as of Dec 2nd!!


Last week I did ZUmba M T and W


This week:

Today Zumba (hopefully hula hooping and Piyo if my ride is able to do ti (at night so w/o a ride i will not walk)


Tuesday: Zumba

Wed: might try to get to a class in the early PM



Sat: zumba in the am if dh is home

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We're so frustrated.  We bought a new scale a month ago and our weight can vary by 4-5 pounds from one day to the next.  When we went for our wellness exams last week, we weighed about 7 pounds less than we did that morning at home.  It's hard to know how we're doing.

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The Y scale said 146.5 Monday


7.5 down in 7 weeks!!!!!


My goal if i keep losing as I am is to put my belly button ring back in once i get to 140 (not that anyone sees that part of me but me HA)


I need more jeans that fit properly (i see a good will trip in my future to get another pair or two!!)



I have also decided that a fair amount of the people in the class at the Y are very judgmental about the instructors (if there is a sub).


It sort of makes me sad they are like that!

One women said today in the hallway "well this sub seems easier to follow than sub so and so at least"  My reply was "I take class with so and so and i know her routines better but I do the best i can being visually impaired, its a workout regardless"


But they always complain if its a inst. that goes to "fast"  


I'm the youngest in the class LOL


I think the Y needs to add Zumba Gold again!!

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144.5 (154 Oct 28 2013) :)


9.5 pounds down in 7 weeks and 5 days!


the weeks of christmas and news year are going to be touch.


I am missing classes most of the week:

Monday EGD scope test ugh

Tuesday and Wednesday are the holidays

Planning to go thursday

Fri doc appointment (at class time)


Week of new years:


I hope to go M, T and W to Zumba and Piyo!!


I need to finding videos to stream of Piyo thats a great class :)

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