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Thanksgiving Plans!




Historically, me and the holidays really enjoy one another’s company, but we fuss an awful lot getting to the day. It never fails that I’m frantically wrapping Christmas presents on Christmas Eve – or packing like a nut job while DH grumbles about “needing to get on the road” for Thanksgiving – and it never fails that I forget something we need.

But this year – I’m going to change all that. I’m going to do at least 1 thing every day to get ready for the holidays and I’m starting with Thanksgiving.

For the past 5 years we have rented a cabin with DH’s parents for Thanksgiving. We have a wonderful time – go on hikes – sit in the hot tub – make wonderful meals, and relax. This year my birthday is Thanksgiving so DH and I are going a day early so we can have the cabins to ourselves for a night before the in-laws show up so we need to be ready to go Tuesday morning.

My PLAN is to get everything packed in the truck on Monday night so Tuesday we get up, shower - hit the grocery store on the way out to pick up the items we want to be the most fresh and hit the cabin.

DH and I will have dinner by ourselves and the next afternoon the in-laws will come and spend the next 2 nights in the cabin with us. I need ideas for lunch with the in-laws in the cabin… HELP!!!

The cabin has a full kitchen with pots and pans etc - but we've never stayed at this specific cabin before and because we've stayed in some cabins that have "questionable" utensils (i.e. knives that are so dull they won’t cut anything, cutting boards that are older than I am) we've learned over the years to bring some of our own stuff, like good knives and cutting boards, a couple of nice pans. I also decided to bring our nice silver cutlery. We almost never use it – so why not use it for Thanksgiving!

I have already started some of the packing.





Silver Cutlery

Polished and Packed

Paring Knife


Decorations – Small wreath – autumn swag


Table Cloth


Cloth Napkins

2 sets White and Maroon

White is pressed and packed

Roll of paper towels


2 kitchen towels




Large Cutting board


Large kitchen Knife


Kitchen Scissors


Wii /Cords/Remotes /Games

Remotes are charged /



Game of Thrones books 4 and 5


Water 4 cases

1 is packed



Champagne Flutes – 4


Plastic Wine glasses for Hot tub


Plastic regular glass for hot tub


Beer Cozies

Packed total of 4

Pie pan


Thanksgiving Crackers for the table




Set of Plastic Mixing Bowls


Sauce Pan


Large Sauté Pan


Kitchen Sponge


Plastic Serving platter and interlocking clear dishes

Packed – the platter can be used for any number of things – and the dishes that fit inside can be used for raclette.




Day 1

DH and Me - My private birthday dinner – 1st night in Cabin




Raw Oysters

Purchase on way out of town


Purchase on way out of town


  • Need ideas for side dish-

Grilled Veggie




Birthday Cupcakes

Ordered – pick up on way out of town





Long Lighter


Lighter Fluid



Day 2

Breakfast - Fruit / Cereal / maybe pancakes?


Lunch - No idea – Could use lunch ideas for 4 people – maybe something on the grill?


Dinner – raclette – 4 people – basically a mash-up of fresh and frozen veggies




Steak / Bison

Purchase on way out of town


Purchase on way out of town

Cheese 3 kinds




Frozen Lima Beans


Frozen Peas




Green Goddess dip




Olive Oil


Red Pepper




Random Fresh veggie


Fois Gras

Must get from Market

Birthday Cupcakes

Ordered Pick up on way out of town


Day 3 – Thanksgiving!

Breakfast 4 people –

Fruit / toast / yogurt –




Fresh Orange Juice

Oranges are purchased need to be packed

Cheap Champagne for Mimosas

Purchased and Packed

Orange Juicer






Main Meal




Leftover Cheese from dinner


Leftover Green Goddess from dinner


Leftover fresh veggies from dinner




Baby Carrots


Fruit from breakfast



In Laws are doing it!

Mashed Potatoes

In laws are doing it!

Cranberry Sauce

In Laws are doing it!


In Laws are doing it!

Crock Pot for stuffing


Green Beans and roasted Shallots


Ciabatta bread


Pumpkin Pie

I need to check recipe and make list

Leftover Birthday Cupcakes








After Thanksgiving is tackled we have our annual Festivus party which is also going to be a birthday party for me.

I’ve started cleaning already here is what has been done.

Living Room Completed

  1. Moved all furniture and vacuumed under everything (found lots of cat toys under the couch)
  2. Cleaned the windows, window casings and window ledges inside and out.
  3. Cleaned the fish tank
  4. Dusted everything

Living Room / To Do

  1. Put away pictures to make room for Christmas decorations
  2. Put away mantle fall display to make room for Christmas decorations

So Give me your Lunch ideas for the day before Thanksgiving - we'll be having a pretty good sized dinner so something light is in order.

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Wow! you are super organized for this! If you're aiming for a light lunch on the day before thanksgiving, I would get salad & sandwiches, or a pasta salad and some fruit to munch on.. Just my 2 cents!

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I agree, you are definitely super organized! Lunch ideas for before Thanksgiving - how about some crockpot meals? Chili/cornbread; chicken noodle soup or potato soup, stew, etc.? These types of meals feed lots of people and would be easy to just combine ingredients and cook. You'd have to start it early in the morning (or at least by 8 am for a noon lunch - 4 hours on high).

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You could do a quiche. They are really pretty easy to make, especially if you use a frozen pie crust. Throw in some cheese and broccoli or asparagus or any kind of meat.

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