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Setting Limits To Take Better Care Of Myself




I take on way too much stress at work which leads to insomnia, and then overwork and get sick, and then take a while to recover.


I'm going to try to be more accountable to myself here in terms of setting limits to take better care of myself.


1. Walk 3 miles (1 hour) every morning with my dogs (have been pretty good about this lately except when I'm sick)

2. Eat regularly, not skipping meals (getting better about this)

3. Get to bed early every night (pretty big challenge)

3. Freshly made veggie juice every morning (intermittent right now)

4. Limit myself to 1 hour/day online including email/work email (that will be a big challenge)

5. Get the biggest priority work done at work, and put everything else work related on slower timeline (another big challenge since I currently bring A LOT of work home)

6. Keep the house clean and laundry done on a more regular basis

7. File things away right away instead of putting them on top of the filing cabinet


If I can accomplish those I may be able to add more fun things to do.


My wish list - learning mandolin - bluegrass, knitting group, book club, learn to sew, pottery class



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I love your wish list! If you manage yout time well and do not get sick then you should have time for a few non stressful hobbies.

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Thanks. Trying to get to bed early tonight! Had juice this morning. Did my 3 mile walk. And am going to get off the internet at 1 hour today! Unfortunately have A LOT of work to catch up on from home over the next few days.


DH wants to scan paperwork instead of filing. Hmm, got to think about that one. Our scanner is pretty slow.

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Today, going to bed too late, went to a conference today with good speakers.

Did not get my 3 mile walk in or have juice. Spent 1.5 hours online mostly doing work. Skipped lunch, so got migraine, no progress on the filing. Tomorrow's another day.

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Today, going to bed earlier, got my juice in, not my 3 mile walk. Spent 2 hours online today, working, updating financials, and on here. Skipped lunch again except for a bag of pretzels. Tomorrow's yet another day, and I have the day off and am going hiking. Am printing out the bank rate list for what really needs filing for DH for scanning.

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Got juice in, hiked 6 miles, spending 2 hours online. Had late lunch, but just snacks for breakfast. DH was overwhelmed by the list of what really needs to be scanned, we decided going forward we'll try scanning, rather than going back an scanning anything from the pile that's currently ready for filing. Still need to identify a place for scanning to be done.

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Today, going to try to go to bed early. Having trouble sleeping lately. Felt much better today not taking my fertility meds. Skipped breakfast, and just had snack for lunch, but did get in my 3 mile walk, had the homemade juice, spent 4 hours online catching up on work. Did go on a 10 mile bike ride, am trying to review with DH what will need to be scanned. I have created a pile of a few things. Catching up on laundry.

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I'm sure this is boring for everyone else, but it's helping me gain better control over my life. Today, not going to bed as early as I would of liked due to work meeting going late. Had snacks for breakfast in car + my juice, at lunch and dinner, spent only 30 minutes online, got most of my work done at work and leaving some to catch up on tomorrow at work. Walked 3 miles this AM, did 20 minute kettle bell workout and jogged for 10 minutes this evening before the work meeting.

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You are doing great! Keep it up, all these things are good things. I wish I was that motivated........I did lose 2.4 pounds this week and actually drank half the water I was supposed to yesterday.

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Wow! 2.4 pounds in a week is a lot!!.


Well, today I walked my 3 miles, ate 3 meals, although 2 were pretty small, am going to bed too late, had my veggie juice this AM, spent 2.5 hours online, didn't get my work done at work so have to do it on my day off tomorrow, doing better on laundry although haven't folded what's in the dryer, and the pile of scanning for DH to scan is building. My goals for tomorrow are catch up on today's work (plan to leave the house and go to a cafe for that so I can actually get stuff done), clean off the kitchen table, and clean the downstairs bathroom.

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Today walked 6 miles, ate 3 meals, am going to try to go to bed early, certainly tired enough after not enough sleep last night, had my veggie juice this AM, the big violation of my goals was working 8 extra hours on work, and spending most of the day on the computer as a result, but at least I got a lot done. I did clean the downstairs bathroom and do laundry. Kitchen table will have to wait. . . .

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I've been working way too much this week (12 hour yesterday). Today had a home made smoothie instead of my juice, walked 3 miles, ate that for breakfast and had snacks and a small lunch, cheese and apples, then dinner. Table still a mess, DH's away for a few days. Working this weekend, then going hiking for the rest of the day Sat and Sunday. Got to get up early tomorrow. I'm trying to do more to improve my mood. Went out with an old friend last night. Boy am I wiped!

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Staying up way too late, had my juice this AM, hiked 6.5 miles after work today, caught up on work. Had breakfast snack, lunch, dinner, way behind on cleaning, getting to bed way too late.

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