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Just keep swimming :)




We received the check from tricare this afternoon that we were expecting. We were able to pay off the CC charges from our son's care which was a relief for me. We are still expecting a $500 check from one of the doctors for a refunded appointment charge some time in the next few weeks. $100 of that is going to cover our Christmas spending and the rest will go into our FFEF (which at the moment is a BEF since it only has $950 in it). We are 100% current and the budget software is all updated and going well.


In an effort to keep our budget on track I have gotten back into the swing of our cost cutting measures around here. Things were so hectic there for a while we were relying on disposable diapers so I have gotten the cloth ones back out. Having one kid in cloth diapers is a savings but having 4 in them is some serious $$$$ saving.


Also I saw a pattern that our son needs a lot of sensory input right before dinner so that was causing some trouble with my being able to make dinner and get it served on time. I planned this weeks meals around the crockpot so hopefully that will help out a lot with time management. I should be able to assemble them in the morning before therapy while he is in a good mood.


The good news this week is that we can take that $500 currently ear marked for our son's medical care out of our budget and move it to savings. That takes us from $400 a month in savings to $900. Also in December my husband will get his enlistment bonus pay out, which for some reason I can't remember the amount of. I want to say $700..... Then in February his time in service raise will take effect along with his promotion to E6 so that is another $400 a month there. That puts us back at $1,300 a month in snowball. I honestly can't wait.


Good things are coming! Wait they are already here! My husband came home last night and handed me a gift card for $50 from his work for the commissary. Seems we "have an army to feed" so they thought of us when they had several to give out. I have also been able to get several things for our children for Christmas for free this year. Including a little people farm with all the people, a giant train with tracks, and several books :) I am working on the book pockets right now. I should have them done tonight. Then it is on the babies stuffed penguin. I am going to get all the things I can done for Christmas that don't cost anything now and then buy the things needed once the check from the doctors office comes in.


There you go...probably more than you wanted to know ;)

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Tonight I was sorting through my fabric stash to find some fabric to make my girls their Christmas night gowns. I however stumbled onto something amazing. I found a bag that contained a pattern and the pieces for 2 night gowns already cut out by my grandmother. Kicker is they were labeled with my mother's name and were from the 1970's. So this year for Christmas my girls are going to be wearing nightgowns that were cut out by their great-grandmother, intended for their grandmother, and sewn by their mother. I am not gonna lie I started crying when I realized what I was holding.

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You amaze me - caring for your family, including special needs, and still being able to keep your home running, make Christmas, etc.

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I will get pictures of the nightgowns up soon. I needed to finish the book pockets before i started a new project :)

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awesome about the night gowns )


My son loves that he's using a "family" blanket )

His Great great grandma or great grandma made it (DH used it and now DS)


I'm hoping one we found in DD's bedding stash was a family one also but not sure need to inspect further!!

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