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Christmas List




I just wanted to put this somewhere where I could find it later :)



Things are snug around here and we are doing a homemade Christmas this year. I could use some accountability to get it done and come in on budget. Please feel free to join me if you need some accountability with either your budget or getting things done for Christmas!


Adults (My parents, MIL, brother and SIL, grandfather, grandmother, great Aunt): Homemade hand print ornaments painted by the kids. http://homemadegrits...-ornaments.html

**Need to buy paint.

Also maybe these crochet coasters. I have tons of yarn. http://www.lululoves...rochet-coasters


Family #1 (13yr old twin boys): ?????????????


Family #2 (7yr old boy and 4yr old girl): Ice cream party in a box http://indulgy.com/p...ays-just-add-ic

**Need to buy ice cream accessories (sprinkles, cones, etc)


Family #3 (1yr old boy): PVC pipe bath chutes


**Need to buy PVC pipe, and suction cups


DD #1: Book Pocket http://www.bjanebrew...-pictorial.html I have the fabric for all these.

DD#2: Book Pocket

DD#3: Book Pocket, doll pillow and blanket

DD#4: Book Pocket, doll pillow and blanket

DS: PVC bath pipe chutes as listed above, little people farm (I got for free)

DD#5: Flannel stuffed penguin http://www.etsy.com/...-pattern-annies I will free hand the pattern not buy it.


Goal is $100 or less and that includes shipping!

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I LOVE the ice cream party in a box; I may have to steal that one. Last year we did family game night gift baskets and hot cocoa mix - they were both so much fun!

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Sewing has begun. I am going to have to recut the "H" because it is going to drive me nuts that the flowers are sideways. On a related note anyone who wants to freehand me a 5x5 "S" will be my hero!



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I can cut you any letters you want on my Cricut when I get home. Or you could probably just print out any font you want on something like Word, Works, or Printshop.

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I passed the pvc bathtub toys idea along to two friends - one of them thinks she will do it for her grandson; other hasn't responded

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My son has a serious issue with water so his behavioral therapist thinks this will help. He won't play with water normally but he is very mechanical so just maybe....if not the twins will love it ;)


There is another option which is to tape empty toilet paper rolls to the wall in the same manner, all at different angles, and then you drop pom poms in them and watch them go down to the floor.

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