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The budget as it stands now.




Okay here we go. We are military so our income is after housing, utilities, medical care (HA!), dental, and military life insurance have been taken out.


Monthly numbers:


Income $2,812


Food: $800

Netflix and DVR: $21 (This is what is used to stop my son's self harming behavior when he is out of control)

Gas: $100

Haircuts: $40 (husband's military cut he won't let me cut his hair ;) I cut the kids hair)

Phone: $13

Tv and internet: $108

Cell phones: $40 (For hubby prepaid cell)

My fun money: $50 (using this right now to get myself new clothes as I lose weight *48lbs down!*)

DH's fun money: $50

Household: $100 (Slush fund for things like stamps, things requested from the kids school, medications needed, clothing items if needed, etc)

DH medical: $400

Son medical: $500

Car insurance: $115

Life insurance: $83


Total expenses: $2,420

Total towards savings: $392

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I thought Tricare was covering the new doctor for your son. Is the $500 medical for him just in case? Life insurance seems high. Is that for both of you? Does your DH have SGLI of $400k and do you have FSGLI of $100k? TV/internet seems high as well. I would call and see if they will go lower. Faster you get done, the faster you can restart retirement. Is DH getting a raise any time soon?

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Tricare is on my bad list these days. They are only reimbursing SOME of the costs. The $532 I just sent in they are only covering $382 of. I just had to put ANOTHER $500 on my CC as a down payment on the next round of testing that will be $1,000-1,500 for the one appointment then another $500 for a follow up appointment. So right now we are on the hook for all of it and holding our breath to see what tricare will send to help with it. I however can't carry those kinds of balances on my CC for the month it takes to get the reimbursement back.


Life insurance is for both of us, about $40 per. It is on top of the sgli and fsgli. I am over weight with high blood pressure so not the cheapest to insure.


The tv and internet. I agreed to up the package to include ESPN during football season then drop it in January. This of course was before we fell in the black hole of medical bills.

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I just looked our internet at the basic package is $70 per month and the tv portion is $30. Plus the taxes and all that.


Hubby is feeling stronger these days. He is going to talk to his therapist about going to twice a month appointments instead of weekly. He has had the CC or debit card on him a few nights this month and made no charges. He is doing really well and I am very proud of him :)


He sews on E-6 in February-March. That is also when he gets his 10yr bump as well. Will be about $400 more a month at that point.

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That $400 will help out nicely! Will he get a uniform allowance to help with the uniforms or is that for E-7? Also after you hit your goal weight it may be well worth it to have your life insurance do another physical to see if you qualify for a better rate now that you are getting all healthy. If anything they might be able to offer you more coverage for the same amount of $$ you are paying. You are doing a great job of holding it together sweetie. You are a rock star for your family. Just keep swimming. :)

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Also if they are only covering $382 then the office might owe you a refund. It could be that that is all they are allowed to charge you by agreeing to take your insurance.

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He will get his uniform allowance this spring I believe. He is planning on taking some of it to sew on his new rank and to get 1 new set of ABU's. The rest will go to the family.


I will call the office and see if there is anything we can do with the difference between the amounts.


Thank you Kelvan I appreciate it.

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