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4 year old yeast and expired raspberry vinaigrette




More adventures in "use what you have" cooking.


I found some rapid rise yeast that expired in October 2009. Pretty sad that there is something that old in my pantry. I don't typically "do" recipes with yeast because I have had some completely inedible disasters in the past. That is probably why it has been in my pantry so long. My mom is a great cook, but baking yeast breads was the one thing she doesn't do and didn't teach me to do.


I used it to make some pizza dough since I found the following blog entry that said it was the best ever pizza dough. http://penniesandpancakes.blogspot.com/2013/03/best-ever-pizza-dough-031-per-crust.html#.UoE-FHA3uSp


It seemed doable and was the right price (free because I had everything in my pantry). Pizza crust mix that I typically use runs .69 a package and I use two. Because it was so old, I did proof the yeast first to make sure it was alive (new term I learned, lol). According to the recipe you don't have to though. The yeast foamed and the dough eventually rose(took longer than the recipe said) , so I guess it was still good. I kept the other two packets of yeast anyway.


And the toppings for the pizza were just odds and ends. One was regular pizza with the last of a package of pepperoni expiring November 14th. The other was a BBQ pizza with BBQ sauce made from the last of a bottle of Ken's Raspberry Walnut vinaigrette that expired in September. It sounds gross but was actually a pretty good approximation once I spooned off the oil and added a bunch of random condiments (mustard, ketchup, brown sugar, molasses, garlic powder, red pepper flakes). It really tasted like BBQ sauce with a raspberry flavor. I topped it with some leftover pulled pork and cheddar cheese and onions and peppers from the in law's garden.



Verdict: I surprised myself with this! It was delicious and now I have a little more confidence with yeast. It was a very good tasting crust, my husband says it is now his favorite homemade pizza crust. I might try pitas or a flatbread next. Definitely not ready for dinner rolls or white bread though.

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I buy the big glass containers of yeast and go through at least one bottle a month. I will have to see if I can find some of my recipes for you. I always make our own pizza dough with it and it super yummy :D

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Good going with the Make-at-home, use-it-up :-)

After a few times, yeast isn't scary at all. You're doing great!


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Funny! I just found and used yeast from Oct 2009 tonight as well for my rolls. I also have some from Nov 2010 but I figure those should still be good since the 2009 yeast was.

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