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4 weeks to go!




Hehe, I kinda forgot about my blog for a while. I've been SO busy with school! But since I've got a little time right now I thought I'd post an update.


School: So far I'm getting As in all of my classes, but I still have 1 mid-term and a final for Biology, a project and a final for Communications, a paper, 2 mid-terms and 2 quizes for Psychology, a job-shadow, 3 quizes and a couple assignments for intro to OTA, and 2 quizes for my Bio lab. It sounds like a lot still, but compared to what I've already done it's not much, yay for the end of the semester!


And it's already time to register for next semester! I can't believe it! So, I've registered for Anatomy, Math, and Health. :) This will finish off my pre-requisites and get me to where I only have 2 generals left. So then I can apply to my program in the spring and take my last 2 generals (english and photography) in the summer. And provided I get accepted to the program I can just focus on that until graduation. *sigh* sometimes school is overwhelming though. It'll be worth it in the end right? That's what I keep telling myself.


Basement finishing: We've gotten a slow start, but we have started. As part of our start we re-modeled the master shower and put in a fireplace upstairs. This had to be done now if it would ever get done at all because once we finish the basement it will be too late, as we had to run a gas line for the fireplace and move the plumbing for the shower. This was easy to do with the basement unfinished, but with the basement finished it would have been very difficult and it would have cost much more money. So, now I have a bigger shower (that one the builder put in was SO tiny!), and a fireplace! :) So I love my main floor even more, and the cost was not too bad. And DH has gotten a bit of a start on the framing for the basement. I'm hoping it will pick up soon. He has a brother who is great at helping with this sort of thing, but he had knee surgery a while ago, so he hasn't really been able to help. He's feeling great now though, so with any luck we'll be able to scheduel with him to get the framing finished. Once that gets done I think things will move a little more quickly. At least that's how things went last time. The framing took forever and after that things seemed to actually move along.


Paying off the house: We've started making extra payments. :) It's a scary thing for me to throw double payments at the mortgage. What if I pay it and then I need the money?! (says my security gland) Well, our FFEF can cover us so I don't know why I have a hard time letting go. I've really only made 2 double payments so far, but hopefully it will get easier over time. And if it doesn't at least I'll get to stop sending the mortgage company any money at all in a few years so that will really help my security gland!

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