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Our blessings :)




I have been keeping this list of blessings on another board and thought I would share it here as well. Hope it is helpful to someone!



I have been stressed out beyond belief the last two weeks or so. Trying to pay for my son's medical needs, my husband's medical needs, and our household needs is stressing me out. I have been doing a lot of praying for "the Lord's will to be done" and reminding myself that the Lord is in charge of my portion.


After giving it to the Lord I have been seeing blessings in our lives and thought I would write them down in one spot. So that it not only encourages me but maybe you as well!


*My son's helmet was going to cost us $50 when the insurance company denied it. I didn't know where the money was going to come from to pay for it. He however needed it so I was going to cut something out of our budget (probably food) to pay for it. Out of the blue I get a call that the company that fits the helmets are going to give us one specially fit to DS's head for FREE!


*Little Meg is now on solids and a bottomless pit. I have no baby food for her and didn't know when I would be able to get to the store to get some. I got a message this morning from a woman I barely know that her neighbor has a bag of about 30 baby food jars and baby cereal that she doesn't need anymore and do we want them. She is bringing them over this weekend icon_smile.gif


That is it for the moment icon_smile.gif I know the Lord has more blessings in store. We have taken a big leap of faith here with getting our son the best medical care we can (not currently covered by our insurance) and praying that the Lord will help us come up with the way to pay for it all.


I will be sure to update as He moves mountains icon_biggrin.gif



*UPDATE!!!! I am in tears crying like a baby. The insurance company APPROVED my son going to the specialist we have been seeing. I have been running around in a red tape nightmare for the last few weeks trying to get him approved. We went ahead and took him to see the specialist and paid out of pocket for the initial appointment ($532!). We were praying (literally) that the Lord would step in and move mountains for us and get his appointments covered. I just checked and not only was it approved it was back dated to the 22nd so it will cover his first appointment! I just have to file the paperwork to get reimbursed! This takes a MASSIVE load off our shoulders. Some of those tests they could have requested were $4,000!!


*Update 10/28: The local hospital that covers my son's daily therapy has offered to cover Christmas gifts for all our children! I am in awe of the many blessings we are receiving!


**Update 11/9: Just wanted to update that we are still seeing lots of blessings. Not big flashy ones but they are there:

~ Emma and Brent needed new shoes and I was able to find some for free at the airman's attic.

~ Megan had outgrown her 6-9mth clothes and we were not able to afford to get her an entire 9-12mth wardrobe. I however had the twins 12mth clothes saved (we got rid of everything 0-12 mth when we moved from Hawaii to NJ). I fished out the 12 mth clothes and they fit her well enough. Pants are a bit long but nothing horrible. I also found her a 9mth winter coat in the tote of 12mth clothes!

~ I went through our winter totes and we have coats and winter clothes for everyone in the house. My oldest daughter will need a new coat in the next few months but she is good for now.

~ My oldest two daughters are currently in KY with my parents since my husband was driving that way anyways. I talked to my mom last night and she is planning on taking my girls shopping today for clothes and boots. I was floored as boots is on my list of things we need soon.

~Brent's helmet came and has been such a blessing!

~ I got a envelope in the mail full of coupons from a school in upper NY! They send them to military families to help out icon_smile.gif

~~~~While writing this list my mother just called and is getting coats for my oldest two along with the boots! She also asked about sizes for the three toddlers. Talk about reading my mind!~~~

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Wow, you have really been blessed this last month! What size shoes do the twins need? I have an unusually large amount of size 7 shoes, we got hand me downs from a friend with a shoe obsessed mother.

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Emma is in a size 8 and Lacy is in a size 7 :) I had some 8's held back from my older girls but apparently after 9 years they were in pretty bad shape. Emma wore them twice and the leather fell off of them (seriously!).

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Just adding that I just picked up a free fisher price farm with all the little people for my son for Christmas...for free! Someone posted it for free on the base yardsale page and I just had to walk 3 houses over and grab it :D :D :D

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