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Prioritizing needs...




I have a list and need to prioritize it. I could use some feedback for sure.


*Melatonin for little man. Neurologist thinks it would help him get some sleep, he is currently up about every 2hours all night long. (He is 2yrs old)

*Clothes for little bit. She is 9mths and needs her entire wardrobe for 9-12 mths. I have our 12mth hand-me-downs from the older girls. I am considering just moving her up to the 12 mth clothes and having them just be a big baggie for a while.

*Winter coat for my oldest daughter. Hers is getting too small. It is cold in the mornings right now but really nice in the afternoons. She will need it soon though.

*New uniform pants for DH. His are falling apart literally. He has to meet with and brief upper officers so this is a big deal.



Where do I start?! I have $100 in the budget per month for clothes right now I just don't know where to start.



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I would look through the 12 months stuff for the smallest of that wardrobe since there is usually quite a difference between brands. I would look at the airman's attic for all of your clothing needs, but especially thrift stores for the winter coat and baby clothes. I would start with melatonin. Is this not covered under a prescription? Then at least one pair of husband's pants to start if you can't find them second hand.

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There is a lot of variability in quality of unregulated meds/supplements. We buy GNC melatonin as a child psychiatrist friend of ours had researched brands and felt that one the most consistent.

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I'm with Dorothy.


Dh's work wardrobe comes first. Baby doesn't care what she has on, as long as she's warm and cozy. I'd just move her up to 12 mo. The jacket, does Airman's Attic have anything?

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Thank you all :) That was the order I was thinking as well. I be checking the airman's attic as well as the thrift store for the coat and the clothes for sure.

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I might make the melatonin priority #1, but that's me and my autism-sensitivity colliding with my own sensory/anxiety issues around sleep. About that...I'd be curious to know what brand and dose the neurologist is recommending for such a little guy. Melatonin is serious stuff!

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You probably have considered this, but, do you have the option of buying a larger dose and splitting pills? (I'm going on the assumption that no physician would recommend more than a 1 or 2 mg starter dose for a toddler!) I've found that larger dose tabs aren't much more expensive than the 1mgs I used to take. I never thought of splitting a larger pill and looking back, that was kind of silly of me.

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He recommended 1mg of "a major name brand" version but didn't give me a name of one over the other. Little man has serious issues with taking medications so we were able to find one that is a melt in their mouths version so we think that will be the best bet. It is strawberry flavored. I am on the fence about it since I have heard that it increases bleeding risks...not a good thing when you have a self harmer.

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Hubby is going this morning to get his 2 pairs of work pants. Once that is done then I will start looking at the airman's attic and the thrift stores for the coat for my oldest daughter.


I changed over little bit to the 12 mth clothes and the tops and pj's fit fine. She however keeps crawling out of her pants so I will be on the look out for some 9mth pants as well. Definitely cheaper then a whole wardrobe :D

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