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Fertility Struggles




So now I'm paying out of pocket for fertility drugs each month, and am planning on moving to the next step. I'm hoping to enroll in my work's health insurance later this fall Then I can really proceed. I also am still planning on an adoption fund however. I have to keep a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish I weren't so afraid of having twins. I really hope I don't need to have any more surgery. It's a relief to know I have my medical fund in place for right now.


I'm looking forward to reaching our home maintenance target for sinking fund. We should be more than half way there next month. I have a high target because I really believe the biggest thing that might push us back into debt is our home or having to replace a car when we are both serious commuters who need reliable awd transportation.


I moved the rest of our FFEF into a CD. It's crazy that the credit unions (PenFed) and my own personal credit union, have better 5 year rates now than Ally Bank. I love the nonprofit world. They tend to not be as risky themselves and are great with customer service.



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Yay for the home maintenance fund being complete soon. And for the medical to be in place also.


I know that twins can seem scary but it will be alright if that is what God has in store for you sweetie. He never gives you more than you can handle. I am learning that slowly (sometimes I wish He had made me a little quicker. LOL) It will all work out, no matter how it happens. You are going to do great.

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