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Ready to tackle November!




We rocked it this month.


We had a big snowball and came in way under budget on groceries.


I was anxious to get on to November, so I transferred the money this morning and paid all of the known bills, including sending December's mortgage payment. (Our payments are due on the first, but I typically throw the snowball & payment mid-month -- I like to have it paid two weeks early.) We're on track to have the mortgage below $80k by the end of the year, which will be SUPER SWEET. I really feel like the mortgage will feel easy to get rid of when it hits low 70's, because that's how much BS2 debt we paid off in 26 months, way back then.


I increased the 401k another percentage point. May do another percent next month.


Donated some to charity, but not enough. I plan to donate to some holiday food drives, maybe something else too - not sure yet.


I really need to get going on the Christmas gifts I'd like to make. We've done a good job of paring down who we buy for each year, so the majority of our Christmas spending will be on our kids. (We're planning to buy a PS4 for our big family gift. It's how we'll stream Amazon Prime & how we'll watch movies on blu-ray. Maybe one game per person to go with it. The rest of the gifts for the kids will be books or homemade things.)


Goal for November:

Less time online, more time actively cleaning/purging/making/being present with family.

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Direct quote from Hubby last night "I'm anxious to get the mortgage paid off. We have everything we need, and we realistically aren't going to renovate the attic any time soon."

So.... if I can let the cash go, it looks like we may throw the attic reno fund at the mortgage next month.

As soon as teen moves out (it looks like she'll go off to college in the summer -- we had tossed around community college, but now she's wanting to go off -- I don't blame her), we'll gain her attic bedroom/bath back, and turn it into a play room for the boys. That will alleviate one of the reasons we wanted to renovate the attic -- have a separate place where kids can play while we have dinner parties / friends over.

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I forgot to mention, instead of a celebratory (for meeting our net-worth goal) dinner out, I bought an expensive bottle of wine for after the kids are in bed. And by expensive, I mean a $25 bottle (bought on clearance for $18). Not sure if we're going to wait for the weekend to drink it or not, but I'm looking forward to it. :) :)

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Oops, the early mortgage payment I paid (on Oct 31) because I was so anxious to get November started.... was applied to principal only, so I still have a house payment due on Dec. 1st. Forced snowball right there! It's not worth calling to change it, I'll just see it as a new challenge to generate $800 in snowballs between now and the end of November to go for the Dec 1st payment. So far the pay period that started on Wednesday, I've already got a little over $200 to bill -- good start!

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Great job of tackling November !!

We are in BS-2 an I pay my payments the day after the statement closes. I prefer to pay "early" (soon) also :-)

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I just got my paycheck for the past two weeks --- almost enough to pay the mortgage without having to dip into next month's reserve. :)

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