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cleaning bug may have bit me!




yesterday I put away all the laundry and sorted my closet. I have a full bag of clothes to give to my brothers wife.


planning a major cleaning this week and next


Today the kitchen top to bottom

Tuesday bathroom and dining room top to bottom.

Wednesdays plan the living room

Thursday DDs bedroom

Friday back hall and all floors

Sat or sunday our room


hoping I can accomplish this it's hard to clean with a two and a half year so between naps and when she's in bed I have about five hours a day to do all the quiet stuff...


vacuuming gets done when the kids are awake this house is too small to do it when they go to bed

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Sounds like you are moving along nicely. I have been working on this to since we are most likely putting the house on the market next spring.

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bathroom is done :)

I vaccumed and dusted most of the house today


I still need to do all walls (except bathroom).


I changed how i was going to do things the house is small it maes more sense to me to do it task by tasK: dust, floors, walls surfaces ect


getting there :)


Tonight or tomorrow its walls and finish the kitchen :)

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Worked in the kitchen a bit this afternoon, tonight hopefully i'll get the rest done in there!!


DH has side work tonight, ds has an eye doc apptoinmenet this afternoon and another tomorrow AM!! Plus tomororw is hallowwen busy day and a half coming up!!

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UGH DS has another stomach bug (poor thing).


SO now it's bleach and lysol cleaning tonight when kids are in bed!!


Praying noone else gets it!

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and i got it (overnight).. so its bleach and lyson again today!


Best laid plans always get derailed!!!


OH well off to do more laundry and clean my bathroom and kitchen again!!!

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